Do you want to be rich? go out to the street and begins to make it reality

Become A Millionaire

Let's go! Take the challenge! It is the time and place. You are the person adequate. Everything else is just an excuse.

1. Meet your goal. 

If your goal is to win 1 million, then write it and leaves the paper in front of you so that you can see it every day. You can not meet a target that you propose does not reach.

2. I know tough. 

Join emotionally the reasons you have for wanting to have 1 million in your account. Visualize your life when you have the million. Think of all the good that you would do with that money. Then, think what so bad you would feel if you do not consiguieras the money. Who you lastimarías more?

3. He elaborated a plan of action. 

Very few times someone find a way straight towards the million. Write at least 30 ideas to earn your first million.

4. Find the ideal point of your business. 

This involves three parties. First, know the own strengths or at least to which you can add unique value. Then, find a market, a group of people interested in what you offer. Finally, you must make sure that all these people pay for what you offer them.

5. It defines your brand. 

The brand is nothing less than a system of thought that people will have in relation to you and your business. People will want to do business with someone or a company that solve you a specific problem. You should see as the solution to that problem.

6. Create your business model. 

Your business model should be or high-fidelity or high convenience. If it is high-fidelity, you'll have fewer clients who will pay much. You will need 100 customers paying you $10,000 each to reach one million. If it is high convenience, you will have many clients that you will pay little. You will need 100,000 customers paying you $10 each to reach one million.

7. He decides to an exit strategy. 

The easiest way to make 1 million is to create a business, an asset that you can then sell. The selling price is usually double the annual turnover. That means that a business that produces $500,000 to the year you can sell for a million. That boils down to having a business that produces about $40,000 per month.

8. Get more benefits from the customers you have. 

The best way to improve your income is to sell more products and services to customers who have already conquered. Seeks ways of adding more value and offer them products exclusive.

9. Build systems and get growing. 

East the secret to achieve the acceleration of your income. If create a product that is sold to $100 and know that $50 invested in advertising produce a sale, will have a model winner to the extent that have a market large. Get to grow.

10. Hire good people. 

One of the reasons why many people have a very high income to a million business is due to having hired exceptional people. This is the reason why all the big companies are worried about both build a team spirit and handle them with leadership. The only way to have a great team is having a great leader.


* It reads. The more know, seem more possible you and you better take advantage of opportunities.

* Money cannot buy true happiness. Do not miss your friends and family by earning money.

* You are looking for a system that has demonstrated its success. The niches that more millionaires produced today are: technology, marketing, Internet, marketing, business from home, distribution of products and investments (stocks, bonds, properties, development). Except for investment in properties, the rest of the opportunities are interesting because they do not require too much money to start them.

* Not much use your credit card, because it is a form of borrowing. You try to have a debit for daily shopping card. Use your credit card only for emergencies.

* Make friends with people who share your same goals and values.

* Take it as a game. Look for opportunities to make money is supposed to be fun. Do not suffer.

* Plan. It defines what you want, acts accordingly and evaluates your progress.

* Control your expenses. You're rich if you can control what you earn from what you save.

* Okay amarrocar money, but never limit yourself in things that give you value.

* Make friends with people different from you. They can be your best source of inspiration and guide if you're open to a different perspective.


* Money does not buy happiness (but can serve you for everything else).

* Some people steal to become rich, but that option is illegal, did understand?

* Get ready to make decisions other than them who take the majority of the people to your around.

* Not presume for the money you have. Thus only attract thieves.

* Unless you're the world's richest person, there will always be someone with more money than you and there will always be people with less money than you.

* Rather than be a way to save money, there is no guarantee that you will earn money with actions. Take care when someone tell you otherwise.

* The Internet is full of traps. Do not invest money unless you are sure of its legitimacy.

* Have clear conscience and be sure not to Miss everything else important in your life, from your relationships to your family. The money is worthless without it.

* Keep your perspective. Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. In other words, do not neglect the source of your wealth, for example, good health.

Take advantage of the opportunities-Become A Millionaire

Become A Millionaire

1. Prepare to take advantage of lucky when it appears. 

The luck is not something that you can conjure. However, when luck and your preparation to cross, you must be prepared to take advantage of the situation. Many people are too afraid to believe in chances, but if you are well prepared, you can reduce the risk to a minimum while the opportunity can be a great source of income.

2. It links your fortune to an emerging industry. 

This implies a huge risk, but if you report, will be simple and convenient.

3. Auditioned for programs competition. 

Programs contest obtained money from the audience, not the participants. It tries to participate in the program of this style which exists in your country. If you don't know the answer to the question, just guess. You have a 25% chance that the answer is correct.

4. Bet. Bet on the races, at the casino or buy lottery tickets and sit and wait. 

Hope is a wonderful thing when it gives you motivation to go forward, but it is a terrible thing when you just have to wait to get the perfect day. It won't ever! All those stories about the big winners are a drop in the ocean compared to all the people who have not won the lottery, their bets, a game
Bet time consuming. It can also be exhausting. Not be better to put your time and effort into something that produces more real dividends?

5. Marry a wealthy person. 

It is something very unlikely, in addition perhaps he or she does not see their money as yours. There may be a prenuptial agreement that you will have to adjust for the rest of your life. Is this your best plan?

6. You receive an inheritance. 

What are the possibilities? First of all, in your family must be a millionaire. Then, that relative shall rectify yourself so that you include in your will. Even so, it is difficult to be certain that you ever see that money. Expect to win millions believing the story of Tio Pepe and his millions is a rather sad way to handle life. Finally, the inherited wealth generates first and foremost complacency. If you want to become a millionaire to change the world, then this won't be your best strategy.

Learn how to invest your money-Become A Millionaire

Become A Millionaire

1. Familiarize yourself with the savings. 

If you're used to take advantage of your credit card and don't save too, you will discover that become a millionaire will be impossible. Start by opening a savings account exclusively for go to saving money on a regular basis. This must be a different from the one of your savings account for every day, with which you pay expenses every month. It would be interesting if you can get an account that pays interest for the deposits.

* A savings account is one of the many ways in which you can separate money to make it profitable. Your initial deposit will automatically grow even if you don't have any other deposits.

* Savings require much self-discipline. He spends time working in habits that you out of self-discipline. Concentrate on what you can achieve before saving that consume irrefrenablemente to flaunt in front of others.

2. It invests in stocks. 

Buying shares of companies whose products and services you purchase or use. One of the best ways of investing in shares is through an investment club. You can create one with your friends. However, what you do to buy shares, you must be sure and well advised. Properly informed with a financial advisor. First, verify its reputation and record of accomplishments.

* Investments of first line may be slower and less exciting than others, but in the long term are more solid.

3. Buy mutual funds. 

Mutual funds are investments other investments. When have a fund mutual, really have them actions, those bonds and the effective within the mutual. Your money together with mutual funds of other investors and diversificas your investment.


Would you like to be a millionaire? Hands to the work

Become A Millionaire

1. Think make you a millionaire. 

Now that you've done, stop. It is time to start doing something to achieve this. However, read the advice that other millionaires can give is a good idea. Some appropriate books that you can read are:

* Think and get rich of Napoleón Hill (1937) and 1,000 ways to win $1,000 by f. C Minaker (1936)

* Rich Dad, poor Dad of Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter (2000)

2. Stop spending and be thrifty. 

This is a fundamental decision to become a millionaire. Either you have saved money or spend it on things. You can not balance both if you want to become a millionaire. Most of the millionaires (people who have between 1 and 10 million) live an austere and effective life in costs, without excessive costs. Among other things, you will have to do the following:

* Keep the cost of your residence below the half a million.

* Do not buy a second House: is better to rent one for the holidays.

* Do not buy a yacht: rent one if you need it. Buy quality clothing, but you don't pay for her absurd prices.

* Buy watches, accessories and jewelry that are not overly expensive.

* Collections nothing.

* Driving a car that is reliable, but not necessarily expensive.

* It avoids the luxury brands. They are the same things that you buy in half, labelled and packaged for those who want always more than what they have. You spend your millions intelligently.

* Leave of the expenditure with happiness. You will never enjoy your money if you don't change.

* We leave you compare yourself with others and try to spend as much as them.

3. Enjoy the delicate and free things in life. 

If you dream of driving down the street with a Ferrari and drink champagne with every meal, forget about be a millionaire soon. Become a millionaire means to enjoy a lifestyle less ostentatious, more simple, for example:

* Visit museums, galleries of art, nature reserves, parks, sporting events, etc.

* Share moments with friends. Volunteer within your community, participate.

* Go to the library and other public places.

* Fix garden, paint, take care of your pets, etc.

* Raise money for charity and worthy causes.

* Undertake spiritual searches and think in one greater perspective.

* Spend time with your family.

* Exercise, walks, jogging, cycling or swimming.

* Study, write, attend seminars, etc.

4. Live below your means. 

You choose or not to follow the suggestions that could help you to become a millionaire, living below your means is important to have more wealth than material things. To achieve this, it is essential to realign your focus on what really matters. What kind of achievements or awards would for your life that does not imply consume?

5. It takes into account what you do now. 

If you have a job in a relationship of dependency, the odds that you get to be millionaire are low, even if you save all the money that you receive every month. At this step you can be lucky millionaire recently at a very advanced age and not enjoy it. Look at it this way: won't make you rich, but to your boss. What do you think? This means out of your element. Are you ready?

* If you define yourself by your profession or a career in particular field, you'll hard to leave to explore possibilities of entrepreneurship. Acquired skills can be of great importance in a wider context, may stand in your quest to be millionaire. The teachers or the millionaires plumbers do not abound.

6. Get ready to enter the world of business. 

Salaried jobs are a way to difficult and slow to become a millionaire. A salaried job can make millionaires to some CEOs, but the enormous responsibility to which they are exposed discourages a little this way and not necessarily an automatic rise within the huge organizations who pay those salaries. You're ready to sit down and see how pass this opportunity or prefer to look for it?

7. See what people need, not necessarily what you would think if you had to define a business. 

When you think of business, your mind can go to glamorous opportunities. The problem is that many people have already gained those markets. However, there will always be things that people need and that also need to be well done. Things like waste management, creation of new energies, supplying products to industries, etc. may not be niches as glamorous as you wanted, but are essential and noble in its own right. And the certainty of customers should not be underestimated. People will not die for an iPod, but Yes by drinking water if you don't have access to it. Choose a business that will provide people what they really need and get ready to make the necessary effort so that your products and services are the best, unique or the best in value for money.

8. It begins with austerity. 

Doesn't make much sense considering an investment that will cost you an arm and the face if you don't have customers that you can then pay for your investment. Buy a good suit, one that you enjoy to get every morning and makes you feel safe when you meet with other people for doing business. Then we will give you some ideas to get started:

* Think of renting a shared office to use only when you need it.

* If you have your own office, furniture purchase in reates them. Put flowers and posters to embellish it before that hold. Do not you spend much in your early days, so it is best to save.

* Rent what you need to be constantly updated. Computers are the number one in this group.

* Keep your employees low and under control costs from the outset.

* Flying in economy class or use Skype or other ways to make online conferences.

* Ten ecological awareness and turn off everything that is not in use. Take care of the planet.

* It transfers this way of thinking to your life.

9. Monitor box with eagle-eye costs to start a business. 

This is an obsession that will come in useful. Every penny counts: if it is not saving or if you do not return to your business, will be in the pocket of another person.

* Do not neglect the viability of your business. Pay attention to what is not working and fix it as soon as possible.

* Do not neglect the parties more mundane but equally essential to have a business, such as sheets, invoicing, payments of taxes, etc. Spend a moment of the day to this, or hire someone to be responsible.

* It analyzes your thoughts. If your control, reduce them. Do you remember what we said of the humiliation? It is best that you humbled yourself and save your business that missed by folly.

* Manage your debts and pay them as soon as you have to do it. Will not go away, the sooner you pay them, the better.

10. Find a mentor who has done that way and seek advice. 

Surround yourself with millionaires. You can find them in various places. Even there is a private club in line where you can have a millionaire mentor who personally show you how to make money online in many areas.

Learn how to invest your money

Your health should come first

Become A Millionaire

 Your health and energy 

1. You must have good health before you embark on the journey to become a millionaire. 

To earn money and make good decisions to create more, must be kept in good shape. Keep fit, eat well and take care of your body. Your health is which will provide you the power and the resources to become a millionaire. If you neglect your health and let the stress, fatigue, doubts or resentment you exceed, you will have fewer opportunities to achieve success.

 2. I know tough. 

To be successful should have the ability to get up after failing. You'll find many failures in your way while you are looking for better ways to win 1 million. It is not a matter of having the security of an average salary and your boss orders every day. To become a millionaire, you must be prepared to make decisions that will not always be successful, but if you don't take risks, not recognize their potentially good results.

* You feel good when you feel humiliated? 

No! Few people would answer Yes. However, you need to be prepared for humiliation when things go so badly that people to your smile around sneering and tell you: "I said". Remember that act in this way makes them feel good, but it is a good opportunity so that you learn from what has gone wrong. Get rid of humiliation and analyzes what has gone wrong and begins again, to be able to do well. Look like a fool is part of this, so it's better to get used.

3. It analyzes your self-confidence.

If it is low, it is time to strengthen it. (Not egocentrism) high self-esteem and self-confidence are essential to advance. However, don't let that slow you down. You can fake it until you believe it and the more you practice trust, faster become part of you.

* If you have a problem with the way in which others see you, become a millionaire you'll be spoilt. You risk your search to fit your expectations rather than forge your way to improve your odds of making you a millionaire. People will think whatever whatever you do.

* You can at least give you a reason to think somehow Take care to maintain modesty. Confidence in yourself is not to flaunt your wealth!

4. You accept that others will stand in your way. 

They will admire you and you detestarán at the same time. 

There will always be a group of people who criticize the decisions of those who decide to put foot and move forward to achieve what is truly good. Even if you enjoy secret of your money and take care not to show your wealth, people will feel that you are living better, with less worry and that will be enough to annoy them to the point of trying to slow down your progress. You must be prepared to do so, but do not take it as something personal. You develop a tough skin and a great compassionate heart. While you've thought about the reasons that you have to become a millionaire, you need to know inside what you will do to become richer adds value to the world.

* People will try to stop you for two reasons. 

If he cares about you, will be concerned that you fail and you desahucie or hurt that experience. If you're not too concerned for you, might be concerned because you show them its inability to find initiative to improve their lives and start the search. The best way to handle these fears is to not take care of them. Stay away from negativity and listen to your own reasons for your determination.

5. Uncover your sense of humor. 

You will need it. Making money requires a flexible nature and a sublime sense of the ridiculous. Do NOT let the attitude of others affect you or take the money game too seriously. Always respect the rules of the game, but you are not trapped in it so that you take yourself too seriously and you can not enjoy the adventure.


You must always have a positive mindset

Become A Millionaire

The mentality

 1 Believes in the goal of making you a millionaire. 

This is not something that you can think in terms of possibilities. You must believe that you deserve it and you will get it. Many people do not believe truly deserve more money than win. In fact, many people believe that wealth is something bad, dirty, damned and something must not suck. However, this leaves aside the reality that money creates opportunities for you and others. With more money, you can help more people in the same way that you can help yourself. For example, you will have many more opportunities to donate money, help people who need your support, generate projects of which others can be part or generate working positions if you're an entrepreneur. None of these opportunities are prohibited reasons to want to be rich.

* Determine that do not deserve to be richer than you are is the same as underestimate you. Not continue thinking this way. You deserve the rewards for working hard and by all the thought you put in your endeavors.

* Decide what you plan to do with your new fortune. If you have no idea what will you do with your new-found freedom, most likely is it harder to have money than not. The money is not synonymous with happiness. If you already have 1 million, what will spend doing the rest of your days? Answer this question also could be the answer to how you should proceed to make your millions. Follow your passion.

* You are someone who goes around saying "I don't want to be rich" with a certain pride when you say it? Think what would you say if a distant relative with much money died and will leave you a few million. Do you still saying: "take that money elsewhere and give it to another.? Do not I want to be rich?" Be honest with yourself.

2.  You decide what is your reason to be a millionaire.

If you are still trying to manage your ignoble thoughts in relation to the pursuit of money, free yourself from them. If you don't face them, they sabotearán your ability to become a millionaire. They can undermine your faith that you can become a millionaire and have what it takes to do it and maintain that level of wealth in your life. Ask yourself:

* Why is I think that having money ignoble? Is it because I'm afraid of exposing myself in front of others and recognize that I am not afraid of making more money? Or simply do not believe in my internal value and every day I convince myself that I don't earn more money that I earn now?

* Do I like the idea of living comfortably? What part of that I would fight against the idea of more money in my life? I tie me to the idea that "nearly enough" is good enough for ever?

* Do you bother me that hard work has rewards? Whatever this is work physical or intellectual, the reality is that almost no one reaches to millions without any effort. And those who get lots of money by an inheritance or winning it at random almost always manage it bad, because they do not feel nor understand that that money took much effort to meet him. Prepare yourself to be ready when the opportunity to appear and you should make the effort.

* How much I love the idea of becoming a millionaire? You must keep you passionate or you don't stay concentrated.

* I have other stronger priorities than the return I rich? This question is really important. It is not wrong to say: "Yes, would prefer to live by the sea and painting all day". That is your decision and if it makes you happy, go after that goal. However, it is difficult to balance a similar search with the desire to become a millionaire. Don't try to juggle both. Select one or the other, and feel comfortable with this decision.

3. Do not confuse financial freedom who is millionaire with a lavish motivated only by the glamour. 

This image is the antithesis of the real millionaire. Almost all the millionaires have an austere thought, are again ready to reinvest, care for the money they have and seek ways to increase his fortune. They tend to be less wealthy than the new rich who have no vision of the future that come into all the boxes and common places to demonstrate their capabilities (known as "aspirational", people who want to be rich, acts as rich, but it is not). Following this idea, the money will disappear when there is a balance to invest or to keep generating revenue that led to the first million. Be glamorous and swanky is your decision, just behave well if you also have careful calculations of what may happen to that they protected large losses and if you keep focusing on the maintenance of your wealth.

* A millionaire does not have a mansion, a sports car, a larger wardrobe than a House, all jewelry you want, etc. These are images of glamour, but not necessarily expressions of satisfaction. In fact, if you don't think a purpose larger than that for life, those things can be distractions that you go away from what really matters.
Become a millionaire is not the answer to every problem that you can't solve internally.

 4 Get rid of the phrase "if only...

" from your vocabulary. You always stop. If only you had a fairy godmother, not you would be reading this article, so it is time to return to reality!


Tricks for positioning of youtube, Seo for your youtube videos

Doing a good strategy of SEO in Youtube, not only US position in Youtube but also will be able to enter in the first page of Google thanks to the authority and force of a channel as this of Google.

10 steps to reposition your video on the first results of Youtube... and Google.

If you follow these 10 steps and you get give strength to your videos and place them in the top results of Youtube, probably also comes out in the top results of search from the search engine giant.


Before you do anything, it is very important to analyze your competition, that key is positioned at the top of Youtube by the words that you want to position yourself.

Once you found what your competition, you must analyze that they are doing well, that category have been selected, how content have been introduced, how many comments have been received and how many reproductions have. This will give you an idea of the steps you have to follow to be in those positions of Youtube.


The title is one of the most important parts that you should keep in mind, since it will be one of the most visible when a user search for a video on Youtube. Includes the Keyword in the title and, of course, choose a striking and shocking title. A few weeks ago I already talked about how to have an impact on search results, this also serves to improve the CTR of your videos.


You should choose the best tags for your title. Those more influential and more chord to go with the word or keywords you want to position. Don't limit yourself to adding tags only when you post the video, it is advisable to include some or another label a time after publishing the video.


Selecting the right category where we want to bind our video is a very important part. If you want to categorize your video and play it safe well, a good trick is to know where your competition has categorized its video, i.e. those who leave in the top positions for the keyword that you want to position, that category have been selected.


Content plays a very important role. You must summarize the first 2 lines in most importantly of all your content. After having made these 2 lines, you must try the description box, as it were a new article. You must generate different, authentic and original content, and also to update it regularly, i.e. once we have generated more than 400 words at a minimum so that our content is decent, we need to go including more lines as they go past the weeks. This not only nutria more content to your video description, but that you'll be saying on Youtube, that your video does not expire and is constantly updated.


In step 2 we talked about increasing the CTR with a good title. Here it will not be less. If you choose a striking image and to get the user's eyes are set on your video you will get to increase the CTR of which so much is being talked about. A good trick is to use people's faces, since this user inspires confidence.


Here becomes equal to that with any article of our Blog, how many more reviews and more interest to generate your video more relevant will have to Youtube. It is also important to encourage people to you a "like" on your videos, because this also has its share of importance.

But really... with "Plays with the comments" I referred to include your own comments in other videos of your competition authority, or simply videos related to your theme. When you generate a comment on a video link is generated it was your Youtube Channel, and you already know the importance of this


This is no secret. How many more subscribers have your most relevant Youtube Channel videos that you generate will be and further reproductions will have. Remember that the reproductions are very important when it comes to the first positions in the famous product of Google Videos.


As any other content, the more you share your video on social networks more Social impact will be, further reproductions will have more social links will have and of course more reviews will be generated, i.e., all of the above will be multiplied.


Just as happens with any content, making a good Link Building strategy, get to increase the authority of your video.

Positioning on Youtube

Remember that it will always be easier to position in the top positions of Google a Youtube video worked with this strategy, since you'll be taking advantage of the strength which has already by this channel.

Councils must follow to be accepted in Google Adsense

Be approved by adsenseWho have a blog enjoy of each word that write, each new entry is as a work of art made with much passion and the power Express is freely, share and help to the same time, are satisfactions unique that only a blogger can experience.

But that is not all, the best thing is that you can make money writing about what we like, and the advertising company that pays most well know what Google AdSense, if you put hard work and dedication, can become your main source of income; It is a reality of many living comfortably, economically speaking, thanks to their blogs.

If still not you accepted or go to request your has by first time, pays much attention to them following tips.

WATCH OUT! You don't need to have a blog with many visits, I believe that Google AdSense take into account two factors: design and good content, that is; seriousness in the appearance of your blog and articles well written published of how constant. First and foremost be of age course

The design is very important

Less is more, this is to say that while fewer elements (gadgets, gadgets, posts on the main page), your blog will look cleaner and the odds that you are accepted by AdSense will play in your favor.
The appearance is the letter, forget about using the predefined of Blogger templates, are not optimized to look like a serious blog. Download professional templates, there are excellent free and preference that is with white backgrounds and black letters, to the classic because :)
Important, the design of the template must be responsive, i.e. that adapts to the size of the display of the different devices.
"Create your own logo", don't need to be an expert in Photoshop, you can download icons, pets or free images, and simply put a text with a beautiful Fountain. Take out your creative side and if you want put a slogan better.
"Create your own favicon", the favicon is the small icon you see next to the title of the blog in the browser tab, usually its dimension is 16 x 16, I recommend to use this online tool to generate it.
"Do not put too many tags," it is chaotic to see a blog with an endless list of categories and visually is very annoying. Place them in the form of drop-down menu is a solution.
"Removes the blogroll", or at least not recommend many sites, it is frowned upon by Google.
"Eliminate unnecessary gadgets", anything from watches, music players, radios, animations, images or popups jumping in a two by three. An internal search engine, a subscription box, tags and archives for the blog are more than sufficient.
"It puts social networking buttons."
"Organize your menu" with the most important categories.
"Not you show so many posts" on the main page, depending on your design/template you can configure 5 for example. More entries affect the load time of the blog.
If you have other advertising take off, at least temporarily while AdSense reviewing your site.
Essential pages

"Site map", this is very important, give an order of content that presents your blog and believe me that like Google AdSense that you have this in your blog.
"Contact form", not as a gadget but as a page that will be displayed in the menu, to create one I recommend Foxyform, is free and in Spanish.
"Privacy policy", you can generate it here...

"On", which is the classical information of the author, who is and what you'll find visitors on the blog.

It avoids being banned by Google Adsense with these simple tips

Google AdSense is the best company of CPC (cost per click) advertising that pays more, so if you already accepted as editor of AdSense (sure you wasn't easy), better to take care jealously your account as if it is your own health, as a small mistake you make will be enough to cancel it you and anything you can do to get back it.

But not everything depends on you, there is your responsibility factors that play an important role for a ban (expulsion), so it is important to know what they can do and not, to differentiate between what is permitted and what is forbidden.

If you already read the terms and conditions, then I'll give you a few tips to supplement that information and thus avoid cancellation of your AdSense account.

AdSense is one of the companies of web advertising more large worldwide and belongs to the company Google for what you can imagine the importance of this tool, there are many people around the world who dedicate much of their time to the creation and maintenance of websites or blogs which can generate income through Google Adsense you can get excellent earnings all depending on your audience but one of the problems most times are present they tend to be the bans by the company and on this occasion we will give you some tips so that Google Adsense you removed from their ranks.

The first Council and which must always be the most important is to try to comply to the letter all the policies of google since they tend to be very strict with this point.

You must always be sites in which established requirements are met and falling in the categories of google since many know that some issues such as violence, pornography or drugs are prohibited topics to be able to monetize a website or blog.

Don't clicks in your own ads, or "error". Even so, you're in an Internet Cafe, using a proxy, a different IP and another operating system. Believe me, AdSense is smarter than you, and you will notice.

Never ask your friends, family or acquaintances, to click on your ads is more, if you can avoid to tell them that you have a blog and earn money with advertising, since they "help" will be several clicks - perhaps daily - and you will hurt rather than help you.

Do not place ads on sites that are not yours, if someone proposes you an Exchange to divide up earnings fifty-fifty, you're probably making a big mistake, even if you don't have control of administration of the site.

Not you insert your ads on sites with material for adults, downloads Pirates (warez), copyright and illegal content, gambling, drugs and violence, among others that are not allowed.
It is forbidden to link to pages with pornographic or illegal content violating AdSense policies.
You not camouflage your listings, attached to an image for example or it may seem part of the content.

Do not put as a title: 'Click to help me', 'Help Me with 1 click?' or something further to click on your ads. The right thing is to write "Advertisement" or "Sponsored".

Never, but never, put an advertisement as-pop-up or floating window.

Do not insert your ads on pages without content, such as pages in construction for example, error 404, contact forms or tickets with just an image.

Remember that you can put a maximum of 3 (image and text) ads per page and links 2.

Never buy traffic, there are forums where you can buy traffic, which is synonymous with visits and possible clicks on your ads. It is technical BlackHat is illegal and prohibited.

Flee from the software that automate clicks on your ads.

It is not permitted to place your ads in an email and send them.

Do not modify the code of your ads, what you can do is change the color from your same panel or align with HTML or CSS.

You can place your ads on a new site you have, you do not need prior approval, provided that this course, comply with the rules and requirements of content and usability of the design for the visitor.

There are bloggers who propose to organize to make clicks on a regular basis in the ads of other members, late or early AdSense will realize this deception, so you do not accept.

It is forbidden to have more than one AdSense account.

Plagiarize content is forbidden, we know that writing a new entry sometimes is difficult due to lack of time, but never think of copying and pasting articles from another site on your blog.

The excess of keywords in an article can harm you, not only in terms of positioning, but in AdSense.

Although there are better paid keywords, don't repeat them often used synonym.

It avoids being a "farm of links", this means that you do not spend to sell links, swap them on the blogroll or sell reviews from other sites in your blog.

Don't fill your blog of advertisers, we all want more money and a mistake many make, is register with other advertising companies and place ads even in the favicon :D The ideal would be to have AdSense and complement an advertising company in text, as Infolinks, HotWords or Kontextua. No more.

If you are going to sign up to a forum for bloggers or webmasters, such as ForoBeta, Foro20 or ForoBlackHat, know that there are categories where you can submit your blog, put it on your user's signature or in your profile. Keep in mind that there will always be malicious users, which will make clicks with bad faith in your listings so that they cancel your AdSense account, I have seen many cases, so my recommendation is that you avoid to publish your blog.

It is better to be safe than sorry, follow these tips and common sense to know what is okay and what not. Although not many earnings you perceive, know that what you desire do you legally is satisfactory and it evolves over time and certainly to raise revenue.

As you can see these are just some tips that you can use to avoid being banned from adsense, and although not all believe that they are the more important so the best recommendation we can give you is that you try to follow them to be a good user of the famous since adsense than if you manage to have a blog's success is the best way to monetize it.

When you start to monetize a Blog or Web site with Google Adsense? - blogs and monetization

Make money with a Blog or website with Google Adsense?

Earn money with a blog is perfectly possible. Not only is that you possible as such, but that is increasingly a reality that more and more Hispanic webmaster go adding to the point of get to live it (and some) with numbers that I would like to a doctor or even an air traffic controller!.
Many of the people entering the world of web content development makes it with the intention of afternoon or early to get some kind of gain which is usually monetary and one of the best alternatives to any can have is to do it through Google Adsense.

But one of the doubts that are made more is know when is the right time to be able to monetize sites, on this occasion we have an article that it can be helpful for all those who are starting in this world. Then when I put Adsense?

It can be from the first day but is not recommended since you can refuse and you only have 2 opportunities.
The first thing you evaluate is the antiquity of the site since according to some reforms that are have been doing by Adsense, is now more confident that accept a site if you have more than 6 months old. Also, we suggest that during these 6 months, at least upload an article per day so that at the time of sending the request to adsense have content since this is another of the parameters that must be considered.

It should also be mentioned that the best time to be able to monetize with adsense is when we have an average of visitors per day, you don't need to be a lot, but the best thing is that you do when you already have readers. Hopefully now you have no doubt where to place adsense.

Remember that earnings are in direct dependence on first and foremost of the clicks you get visitors and in the second instance of the quantity of pages views for them so the best time to run Google Adsense is when your site has at least 6 months of life over 50 entries and a small number of daily visits and see as with the echo of meet these simple requirements already You can start to see some gains.

Learning that is the CPA, CPM, CPL, CPC and PPI

When we work with any advertising system, such as Adtual, Sharecash, or Adsense, among others, we have to be clear what CPA, CPM, CPC, and PPI.

Differences between CPI, CPC, CPL, CPA and CPM

The advertising online and the advertising traditional feature with several differences, between others, the costs of an ad.

Online advertising offers a variety of models of costs such as those based on CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA and ICC, and these can be adjusted to the needs of each company at the time of a campaign.

In this post we will discuss the different models of CPC, CPM. CPL, CPA and CPI, so you can differentiate them and adjust them to your needs.

Many times we have problems at the time of distinguish certain abbreviations in which only varies a letter. Why we want to with this article make you clear essentially CPC differs from CPM, should take into account that pay for each option and, in addition, there are other options less known as a CPL, CPA and ICC. Not everything was going to be CPC

The CPL or cost per lead

Type of advertising contracting which based the price on potential customer loyalty: the advertiser pays for each new entry into the database of the company.

The catchment is performed through forms of subscription in which the user facilitates voluntarily information personal in Exchange for receiving more information of the product or service through newsletters or catalogues with offers and promotions special. The CPL, as you can see, do not have any resemblance to the CPC.

In this model's price is valued the conversion of a user in lead, i.e., in a person that us has given more information, the step prior to convert is in client.

CPM (Cost per mille):

What is gained by 1000 reproductions of ads, usually they pay little and it is difficult to find any company that pays per 1000 impressions, Adsense is one of them.

CPC (Cost per click):

This type of advertising is the more common of all, even so also is difficult find any good company that pay well, in this advertising you pay for each click that receive in the banner of advertising.

PPI (Pay per install):

It is the advertising that pays you to install the product, adtual works with this type of advertising becomes pay up to € 1 for installation, usually need your users to install a game or some basic program.

CPA (Or cost per acquisition)

 Mode of recruitment advertising that based the price in them results obtained: the advertiser pays a rate depending on the number of visitors arrived to your web through advertising online that made an action determined, is this a record or request of information (CPL), a purchase (CPA), a cost by click (CPC) or any other action previously agreed.

The cost per acquisition model is widely used in the ecommerce, it is possible to easily and quickly measure the number of transactions that are made thanks to online advertising.

Google AdSense is a good way to earn money on the internet

One of the questions that people are made around the world is that if it is possible to live AdSense.

The answer is apparently a bit ambiguous but the reality of things is if you can and everything depends of everyone, there are many very popular cases of people who spend much of their time to the development of websites or blogs to monetize them with adsense and your earnings are more than pleasant since you don't need to go that far for do one idea and is anyone who managed to get through adsense $500 per month are already talking about that you can live this since that is much more than the wage in a lot of countries.

Now if we take into account that many generate a good amount of money per month you could say that if it is possible to live and very well through the profits obtained from adsense but also you have to see the other side of the coin is that there are many who cannot reach the month and minimum collection that specifies Google Adsense and why is that you say that it all depends on each person.

In short what we can tell you is that it is actually possible to live from google adsense and very good way and everything depends on the dedication and commitment that you put the maintenance of your blogs, we already know that everything depends on the amount of visits you have in your network of blogs and to do this you must have a product that offers solutions to surfers.

We are sure that if you are looking a way to be able to get ahead economically adsense is one of the best options that you can find that in addition to obtain very good earnings each month you can do it in a way that you like and this is the best of all.

Remember that everything depends on the success of your sites and so you can get it it is necessary to put effort in what you are doing and remember to be patient and consistent results are sure that they end coming sooner or later and you'll see all your effort has its reward there is something that you should always keep in mind and it is that adsense is a good way to earn money on the internet and is possibly the best of all If you meet the rules.

keywords, subjects best paid by google adsense

list of best paid by google adsense keywords
 In the world of blogs and websites one of the questions most frequently asked that a lot of people are is which are topics best paid by Google Adsense and the answer is very simple. If we think everything is a business so if we use the logic issues that generate money which are more money move among which we can mention the business and loan servicing, thinking of all the people who are looking for daily start to forge a path through the world of income by adsense precisely we realized to the task of making a small but very useful compilation of issues better paid by the company.

Sale of various products

The first issue that we can recommend is mentioned before in which moves money as sites for the sale of various products as airfare or packages of any hotel stay, clear is that to be sites of public services that make online shopping payment per click who hire the companies that advertise with adsense is usually quite high This is a good option while clear is that competition is also quite high.

The tutorials

The second theme, which we mention in the list maybe you sound a little trite but true. The tutorials are one of the themes of consensual by adsense to be sites that provide a service to all surfers have a large audience making it very convenient for businesses to buy advertising on such sites.


Documentaries are also within the category of the best paid themes as well as usually having a high cpc they have an excellent payment per each thousand visits so it is one of the best options that you can take into account in addition to the versatility that has since documentaries of anything you can do.

Social media

Related to the Social media sites are also one of the best options that you can take into account since we don't have very clear reasons but we really know many important people that have this issue somewhere on your network of blogs and the truth is that clicks that are are very good.

Finance and business

The finance or business related subject is another which are very well paid by Google adsense since moving entrepreneurial ideas which are very sought after by millions of people around the world and as we all know that google sites that have a high level of audience likes.

To conclude we can say that the truth of things is that the themes that you monetices can be profitable and it all depends on the volume of visits you have on a daily basis as well as the number of people entering the displayed ads.

Key words:

1: Insurance
2: loans
3: Mortgages
4: lawyers
5: Credit
6: Lawyers (SYN.)
7: Donate
8: graduation (studies)
9: Hosting
10: Complaints
11: Conference call
12: Trade
13: software
14: Recovery
15: Transfers
16: electricity and gas
17: Classes
18: Rehabilitation
19: Treatment

20: Umbilical cord blood

Tutorial are the key words and themes better paid by Adsense

¿What are the topics most paid?

Before launching I speak of CPC (cost per click, or what they're going to pay when someone click on your ad) I would like to clarify the following: the best paid themes have no because being far the most profitable. This would be so if you had the strongest of all Web, but normally there is a simple rule that is "best paid is an Adsense theme more competition exists also in the SERPS".

Therefore to you that most interested is to find niches with good value price CPC - competition. Although you can also consider a Mega niche attacking (this year I do and also I will surely tell..) and assume a cost per click low but a continuous influx of visits (with the help of a good EMD and some links...).

OK, but if all this stuff you still not convinced here you have a list of the best paid with Google Adsense themes (I've spent a little time by Keyword planner to give you exact values in the present time):

List of best paid by google adsense keywords

MBA. MBA ranking (€4.37), Executive MBA ranking (€8.35), forbes MBA ranking (€9.38), ranking Spain (€5,11) MBA, MBA online (€14.12).

Insurance. Insurance (€3,23), insurance of cars (€3.00), insurance of life (€3.59), safe (€5.05) online, company insurance (€8.96).

Hosting and housing. Web hosting (€7.56), free Hosting (€2.15), Hosting Linux (€3.95), cheap Hosting (€9.50), Web hosting (€11.70).

Data recovery. Recovery recovery recovery data (€2.68), companies (€3.99), Software data of data (€5.27).

English courses. Course of basic English (€1.69), online (€1.23) English course, English courses (€2.14) learn English online (€1,14).

Flights (rather than "Hotels" and "tourism"). Low cost (€1.48) flights, offers flights (€0.79), flights "v" aratos (€1.00), flying low cost (€0.88).

Hotels. Hotel deals (€0.69), (€0.70) 5-star hotels, search hotels (€1.01), charming (€0,66).

Tourism. Tourism agencies (€0.48), national tourism (€0.21), (€0.28) international tourism, social tourism (€0.12), tourism Italy (€0.62).

Technology. Technology (€0.50), news about technology (€0.43), technology information (€0.52), items of technology (€0.30).

Pets... (not strain not? well, this is my blog and I do what gives the win). Pets (€0.16), sale of pets (€0.12), shop for pets (€0.15), food for pets (€0.40) [interesting; p]

So far the article on Adsense. As I said before the list not importantly profitability rough of the niche in question, but have clear for that niche is going from the beginning and which are planning to move within the

Learn more about how Forex works

How works the market Forex
Lo that must know of the market where is speculates with movements of the type of change between different currencies.

In an environment of low yields like that that we are living, many people are drawn when they promise big profits with their investments. That is precisely the largest tool sales of businesses that operate in the Forex market.

In Internet we can find various platforms operating online that allow access to this market with relatively small amounts. These companies in turn promoted in a very intense way its services through ads that are present throughout the network.


Forex is simply an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange. In this sense, is a market where there is speculation with movements of the exchange rate between different currencies. Opera 24 hours because it is not in any physical location, is fully electronic. Due to globalization, all the time, somewhere in the world (for example, day in Asia) and night in America someone is buying or selling one currency, either because you have to make a payment in another currency, because it requires to sell an asset or for reasons of coverage.


Let's start by saying that Forex is a very risky market. Indeed, you can profit by very large in a short period of time, but also very high losses (this is the part that does not tell us).

These income (or losses) are generated since it invests in highly leveraged manner, and depend on the broker and the leverage that the account allows. This means that if we risk $1,000 in one operation, we are actually participating in an operation by $100,000 (or more, as we mentioned, depends on the reason of leverage that allow us the platform's operation).

Then, if he's going well, going well: win as if we had invested $100,000 (and therefore gain can be very high in relation to the money that one invested) - less financial costs of leverage and, where appropriate, the Commission of the broker.

But if you are going wrong, we can even lose 100% of our capital invested in this operation is very easy. Or even more.

If our low investment and the $1,000 invested are no longer sufficient to pay what is known as "margin", make us a "margin call", which means that we have to put more money in our account to keep our existing operation. If you do not do this operation is suspended at the time automatically; and if we really went wrong (lost money), may be the case that we have lost more than what you spend, and stick with a debit balance.

Some brokers say their clients that this does not happen, since the positions can be protected with a type order stop-loss to limit our losses. However, we must be aware that an order of this kind is not always guarantee, since it may not run.

For example, if you put a stop-loss at 12.90, but on a day the exchange rate moves from 12.91 to 12.89 without arriving at any moment to be exactly 12.90, your stop-loss will not run or will run at a lower exchange rate and their loss may be greater than we anticipate.

To counter this argument, sometimes brokers say that this market move billions of dollars every second, which is not likely to happen, but it's a risk which must be aware.

On the other hand, it is important to know that it is a market not regulated by Mexican authorities, who we will not protect you in the event of any fraud or things like that. Although there are some operators or serious brokers, it is also very common that Forex phantom accounts are opened or do not exist. If one wants to enter this market, one has to fit with who operates. It has to be a serious company and whose staff is properly trained and qualified. And unfortunately it is not easy to know it for certain, although they may have a web page quite well placed.

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