Essential Forex strategies

To introduce us to the theme of trading and landing more forward in the themes specific cos about how set up an operation in the practice and as protecting our capital of the risk, it is important to spend some time in
expose some fundamental aspects that
they should help us to achieve the success of nal.
To undertake the arduous task of climbing a small capital to the top of 1 million of
Dollars is essential to expose 7 keys
essential that they must understand and assimilate thoroughly until the deeper level of understanding.

KEY 1:

Planificar transactions

The first key is to understand that the work as a professional trader or trader is to follow
a previously established plan of action and stick to it.
A Plan of Trading should have a structure general that of ne the type of trading to perform.
Through the system of Trading that put into practice must know what with settings
the gra cas search for investment opportunities. A time decided invest, is
should find the time more appropriate when entering to the transaction. Once in
of the market, should implement measures how protect it against unforeseen of the market and
nally to evolve the price expected, having nest in advance trend
When you get out of it.
Therefore, the Trading Plan should cover all eventualities, being made of
by 4 parts key:
Input signals
Protection system
Exit criteria
Concerned that their rules are simple... Then strictly follow your Plan!

KEY 2:

To make money in the long term should risk just enough!

In the style of short-term day trading, where leverage transactions occur
one after another quickly, a few losers transactions can leave you out of
combat, without will give has even as the market it ran, bursting its capital without
Let him possibility any of recovery!
The majority of novice traders risk waiting too for a quick profit.
Experienced operators, who are most you know, go for lower profits, but
consistent at the time.
The greater the amount of capital invested, you will be more emotional fuel
draining... And eventually it will burn very badly, causing a post stress
traumatic that it might be irreparable.
One of the most serious errors can be committed as an operator is to have too
money put in a single transaction. I.e., put together an operation with too many lots, it
that will involve a high leverage and consequently a great risk, if the market is coming
in against and do not have protection placed in advance.
If not risk much, not can lose much. To win to the long term it should risk it
Good intra-day traders who survive risk only a minimum amount of their
capital of its count of trading in each operation, and can give is the luxury of be more flexible
with its rule of STOP LOSS. But if you have little capital, then you should consider
the use of a system that has a rme criterion of STOP LOSS, which as a maximum in
total is recommended to be 5% of its total capital, whereas all positions
Never risk much capital in those operations that are "safe"... To retrieve
it lost. Risk a small amount in each operation. Will be more relaxed and more
trained to carry to out the operation in way correct.

KEY 3:

Do not think in terms of money to the compromise.

We like it or not, the money has a high connotation in our society. The money is energy
human condensed. It is a very important element in our lives and we put
many emotions in it.
How it would react to seeing hundreds of dollars or perhaps thousands, depending on the size of the
account traded, vanish before his eyes? The point is that you should understand that those
losses are part of the game and should not affect their psyche if they occur inside of the
rules established in your Trading Plan. Is should know losing a bit, to win a little
more. No there is no formula magic, as said above. Is a system of
chances of successes and failures, balanced slightly to our favor.
If you cannot change your relationship with money, simply did not think of it. By the contrary,
focus is in the evolution of the gra ca and place your attention in the forward or kick in U / $
for each lot of the ongoing operation. Its concentration should get to be the same
independent of the number of lots you are using.
Concentrate on watching the gra ca to go according to plan and the money behind the
operation will take care of itself.
For example, put as goal to earn certain amount of U / $ for each lot, every day. For this reason
Choose a few species for trading, that is comfortable to you interpret them and devote himself to know
their behavior to make it easier to settle them. The goal should be achieved if possible

with few operations a day.

KEY 4:

The power of visualization

When the price starts to dance facing their eyes, can get to hypnotize him. Perhaps
You can begin to feel that the price is making fun of you, and refuses to take the
trend expected.
For this reason, there are that have much care of avoid the "trading emotional". If you are
impatient or a maniac about to exploit, will surely have a very bad experience
on the market.
You should try that emotions are not mixed with operations. Remember that the
operation that is in progress will be only one of many. Trading is an activity of
long breath.
You should consider that it is a professional trader.
To the start of each day, before starting the operations, prior to the opening of the market,
take a few minutes for you.
Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Relax slowly to stifle thoughts
that he attack his mind to remain floating in nothingness. This stage is very difficult of achieving, but
If you practice it each time it takes less time. Then begin to visualize the market in its
mental screen. See the gra ca in real time and watch as the price goes up, to
below. Imagine having the patience to wait for the conditions you have set for
Enter to the market. Displayed by entering a transaction and immediately placing your Stop
Loss. It is relaxed. Alert, but calm.
Completely emotionless. Notice how the price moves once you enter the
position. As the price is approaching the STOP loss but this did not alter it. Imagine that it is
front of a failed operation, which triggers the STOP. Note that you have a perspective
wide. You are not inmuta. No emotions, it is completely calm. You enter to
another transaction. Again another small loss. But nothing disturbs him, always
relaxed. Is part of the job of an operator of a trading account dominating its
emotions. When you close a successful operation, kindly accept it without fanfare.
No emotions, it is completely calm. Is trading in full control of itself same.
Is matter of practice. And must do this regularly to obtain the maximum bene cio.
Try it each morning and also in any moment in that start to feel is stressed
or to lose her concentration. The advantage of this technique is that is free... And the remuneration is

KEY 5: 

Be responsible for the result 

Anyone else that you are the person in charge of its operations. You are only responsible for its success or failure as an operator. It is not the market... it is not the system, nor the strategy used... is you! This is one responsibility very important and can handle the achieving the control of you same. Become your own instructor. Note how it behaves during the sessions in which it operates. Focus is on your feelings you will provide information useful on their performance. Remember that you have a "winning day" or a "loser day" is not the subject matter. All it that matter is how it plays in your operator's work. Are you a professional trader which does not allow the feelings to be interspersed in his looking for work? Or is starting to get angry with the market... with the market makers... with the injustices of life? Negative emotions are warning signs that indicate that you should relax, calm is, control is. Again to return to the composure of a professional trading. Note your hand binding on the mouse, with the finger on the trigger always ready to shoot? Note the tension in your body and release it. Simply, leave it out. Take a deep breath and find a comfortable posture while changing the transaction in progress. If you make a mistake during their trading operations, is not torture. We all make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Make a mental note to make it one useful experience. Thank you to the market for the lessons learned from its operations and follow Go ahead. When a transaction fails always remember that everything is a matter of percentages. This is just another transaction, just another day more. It is very important to avoid falling into a negative spiral of emotions, which will end up damaging severely the capital account and your own self-esteem. The latest advances scientists of the physical quantum, show that our thoughts and emotions are actually energy waves, vibrations. Each of these waves vibrate in a frequency specific and attracts similar frequencies. We are issuers of frequencies. We attract into our lives, situations created by our own emotions, by our own thoughts, beliefs... deep in of NAL attract frequency vibration similar to that issue. The law of attraction so widespread in recently has been always known. If we choose to focus on positive thoughts that can help us, then we We will give account of that attract it best to our lives. The power of the words is huge. The words pronounced tend to crystallize it in made specific due to the law of the attraction. If the words are so powerful, then just think on what can cause you when you are called to itself same a "clumsy" or something worse when commits an error. Take care of your language When is operating. Use words neutral in all time, both to refer it to you same to refer to the market. To have earnings is must understand that is natural have lost! What important is that the balance nal between gains and losses we allow advance. We will have more odds of having more profits when us demos has of this. Leave of hurt our ego with battles imaginary of demons or monsters of the market that lurk every decision that is taken, clouding the sense of the reason. 

KEY 6: 

Less is more 

Many operators in time real follow the rule of limiting the number of their transactions to 3-day maximum, which reduces the level of stress significantly. Three strikes and outside! Close the platform, the graphics and do not replace them even to look at until the next session market! Even if he has done successful operations in the session of the day, more so then must stop! If it continues to operate most likely is to lose the already won. If falls into this trap, must check your motivation to be in this of the trading, since the only reason by which must make it is win them $ corresponding to the session... Then if already the attained, for what follow transando? If you have already completed the task of advancing his goal of U / $ batch every day, thank this blessing and closing operation platform. That does not matter that the market continue offering new invitations to enter. His work of the day already has been fulfilled with grow! Success is achieved with the progress of each day, and not one higher one day advance in particular. For the final result is more significant to have advanced every day fulfilling the goal, that bid by having a day spectacular risking to convert it in a day fatal, more even if After having been gaining, we end up transforming it into a day of loss. If already accomplished the task of the day, thank this blessing and take is the rest of the day to rest! The life is made to live it day to day. If performed well their trading during the session, making the forward proposed, this should result in "contentment", so if it was a modest advance or If a breakthrough was far greater. For this reason is that it makes no sense of compromise, because the happiness will be given for having achieved a positive day, rather than the amount of the advance. Remember that the trick is to make a day in advance, independent of the number of operations! If respects this, will be more lucid and will probably make less mistakes of interpretation of the market. The above also applies when we have a bad day in which a series is suffering from losses, and each time tries to recover the previous loss... Only you can increase the size of the hole. If you read these lines without being in the market, perhaps feel that it could never fall in This trap. However, it is surprising to see how many operators succumb to this, when the losses begin to occur. The slogan should be "stop in time... tomorrow is a new day". Take it easy. This is an activity that should be for life. Do not make the mistake to operate 40 hours a week. It is not necessary! Just a few moments each day is enough. Build up your earnings over time, and earn more money by working less. 

 KEY 7: 

Enjoyment of the life 

You are in this trading clear? Is it fun?... By the adrenaline that causes operating in those markets financial? … Or maybe you enjoy their status as trader to strut is opposite to their friends? For some operators, it is a way of escape. The market becomes a fantasy in which immerse themselves when they want to move away from the real world. See which are your own motivations to the operation. Try to discover if there is any reason hidden. If to your life you lack something and the trading is what is filling that space, then need to pay you attention to this. In fact, make trading has that view with a single thing: get a gain in U$. Yes it done well can make lots of money. If it does for any other reason, it is probably doomed to failure, because it will operate taking into account their emotions instead of thinking shaped cold and methodical, trait distinctive all good operator. Don't let that his disorder emotional condition their activities of trading. Have a balanced life. Not be pass all the day operating. If the target set for day, thank that received blessing and turn off the computer. The task for the day is already do... done what follow glued to the markets? Find other activities that interest you. Get physical exercise, train your body or learn to dance salsa! Aerobic exercise will improve the performance of your mind and help you to throw away the stress accumulated in the trading sessions. Exhausted, leave! Does not fall into the error of set aside the soft embrace the Sun dispenses us of his life in the parks, staying aware of the fresh breeze of every morning.

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