Special: extreme thinness could lead to her death to Angelina Jolie Anorexic & Dying!

This was reported by The National Enquirer on its cover. It weighs only 83 pounds

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie divorce
"A dying Angie... losing the battle." 35 kilos and hospitalized! "." Thus entitled The National Enquirer the supposed drama of health of Angelina Jolie. The latest edition of the American tabloid tabloid shows on its cover a shocking image of the actress, in which you can appreciate their extreme thinness, although with a sensationalist headline, in the tone of the publication.

The popular tabloid American suggests that Jolie suffers anorexia and goes more beyond claiming that Brad Pitt it has threatened with divorce is: "or returns to eat normal or is separated". "Brad has done all it possible so Angie is centre in his health..." See how desperate sometimes spends all day without eating. "He actor is so concerned by his possible death... it loves both that is willing to the divorce as a call of attention to see if reacts", said a source of the environment of the couple to the "National Enquirer". 

It is not the first time that this tabloid addresses the supposed weight problems of Angelina, who last January was surprised at the premiere of "Kung Fu Panda 3 '' wearing a very thin figure. A former nanny of the children of the actress and a friend of her mother ensured that the Hollywood diva would have already suffered anorexia as a teenager and then also he had to be hospitalized. 

The world press has echoed in this information, although there is no official confirmation or statement of the representatives of the Jolie-Pitt marriage.

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