The plan secret of Angelina Jolie in her divorce against Brad Pitt (Angeline evil)

American media speculate about a plan that would warp the actress to end the reputation of your partner in the hypothetical case of a separation.

Two sides of the same coin. While media U.S. report on the character humanitarian of the actress Angelina Jolie that leads cross social for it UN, in them last weeks, those same media ensure that a personality much more dark would have given lights of a plan previously organized for finish with the reputation of its still husband Brad Pitt for a divorce. 

 And is that after confirming the request for divorce in 'Brangelina' case, Pitt has been portrayed as an abusive parent and for some media, an unfaithful husband. To its 52 years, the actress that usually plays to women of great attitude, according to a source of US Weekly, would state behind a campaign media against their expareja.

Indeed, the same source ensures that Jolie planned to leave to Pitt from makes some time, after fights incessant that have been portrayed with master by an incident in an aircraft of which still not is known the details. 

 Although friends of the actor ensure that Pitt never was a father abusive, a source has evoked that Angelia Jolie not stop with their plan to destroy the image that of it have them media. 

 At the moment, indeed that the request for divorce has been accompanied of an order of custody that can be won by the actress, would move to England, from where it might start a career in humanitarian aid.

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