50 tools free of marketing that not you can make of use

I bring you a collection of more than 50 tools that will help you heal, create and promote content to your projects.
For ease I've divided them according to categories.
I hope you like them and that really help them both as my

Cure of content tools

*Feedly - a RSS reader that will help you to know all the news about your business-

*Storify - a tool to collect content from social networks that you can then display in a single place. It is ideal for journalists or collect milestones online.

*Curate - tool to search and archive relevant content.

*Flipboard - a tool to be always up to date, you can read RSS for your favorite media or by the recommendations that you make them also. It is very format magazine.

*Pocket - tool for archiving content that you want to then read with more calm.

*Linkstant - receive alert whenever someone link your website or blog.

Tools for monitoring and analysis

If you want to analyze your presence or that of your competition the following tools recommend

*Quicksprout - with this tool you can get a basic report on your website, if you want more details you can pay.

*Google Alerts - identify your keywords and get alerts to stay up to date

*Mention - a tool that allows you to monitor keywords in social networks and the INternet.

*SharedCounter - analyzes the social share your links with this simple tool.

Topsy - advanced search of content on Twitter.

*LikeAlyzer - a tool for analyzing your fan page or that of your competition.

*Keyhole - monitoring of words, links and hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Tools to create content (design)

*Thinglink - a tool very cool to create interactive content for the Internet and social networks

*Piktochart - tool to create infographics

* - other computer graphics creation tool

*Canva and PicMonkey - tools to create attractive graphics, comes with templates so you don't have to know design to create something acceptable

*Powtoon - to create infographics videos.

Tools for management and promotion of content

*SlideShare - up presentations.

*Bitly - tool to shorten links, also allows you to customize them. A trick, if your competitors share links and want to know your stats just copy your link and adds + at the end and you'll see the numbers.

*Box, Google Drive and Dropbox - tool to store content for free (all you have GB free)

Tools to improve your positioning

*Ubersuggest - a tool that helps you generate keywords related to your brand or something.

*Yoast - a WordPress plugin that helps you to position your content.

*Keyword Tool on Youtube - ideal for getting good keywords that will help you position your video content.

Productivity tools

*EverNote - it is the tool which without a doubt if you know to use it will help you to improve your productivity, you can create, save and collect things

*OneTab - the best invention, collect you in a single tab all that you have open in Chrome, productivity at the highest level.

*Focusbooster - so you concentrate and you can finish the important things.

*TWITTERFEED - it is a very powerful tool, allows you to create recipes for automating processes = time savings

Social networking tools

*Buffer - a great tool to promote content with dates scheduled in Linkedin, G +, Twitter and Facebook.

*Hootsuite - tool to manage multiple profiles for different social networks effectively

*Tweetdeck - official tool Twitter to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

*Bloonder - to create contests on Facebook, Twitter and blogs (the first is free).

*Monitor Wildfire - to see the increase of followers of an account of Twitter, Facebook, or G +, you can even compare your brand with others.

*Rowfeeder - tool for monitoring in real - time (with Google Docs) the tweets of a hashtag or profile. It also gives you reports of results.

Blogging tools

*WordPress - leading platform for creation of blogs and websites, is without doubt the most complete

*Click to Tweet - to insert a box to promote new headlines from your posts and so you get even more coverage of your content.

Analytical tools

*Pirendo - analytical on Facebook and Twitter

*Twitter Analytics and Facebook Analytics provide insights for free.

*Google Analytics - analytical website.

*Alexa - to measure the ranking of Web pages.

*Simply Measured - a platform that offers several free social networking reports

*Social Bro - a good tool to manage and optimize Twitter profiles. It offers several features that allow you to manage communities.

*Iconosquare - instagram analytical tool.

Email marketing tools

*Acumbamail - platform for sending email marketing campaigns

*Benchmark Email - another platform also in Spanish that allows you to create email marketing campaigns

*MailChimp - most famous Email Marketing tool

*Mailrelay - email marketing tool

Email Marketing tools and automation. We bring you the best

It had been months wanting to write this article in the best Email Marketing Tools. There are many emails and messages I get from blog readers or followers who ask me what is the best Email Marketing tool. 

Depending on your needs I'm recommending tools, however, today I want to share the advantages and disadvantages of each tool through this article. My opinions are personal and are not tied to any time of economic compensation or Exchange. Several tools I have worked in the past, but this article is 100% objective and transparent so that you can evaluate the best tool to create a good Email Marketing strategy.

I assess different aspects of each tool that will help you to quickly understand the differences. Choosing a tool is something personal, but I will share my impressions after using all that are listed in this article.

Email Marketing tools and automation

As well I said at the beginning, this is an opinion piece, so you want to share the best five Email Marketing Tools I use for my professional projects and which I recommend to my clients.


A few months ago I spent all my online business to InfusionSoft and since then I have seen how organic and automated form my sales have increased, and above all how the experience of my clients has improved. With InfusionSoft, I managed to have in one place a CRM tool of Email marketing and online sales tool.

The best of InfusionSoft

* It is a platform with many features
* Automations here work Deluxe (you can create the best funnel)
* The management of your customers is brutal, you can see exactly the behavior of a lead from the day which comes on your list
* The rate of delivery with emails without images is very good. I always send me test and until it does I the home does not send it
* Support is unmatched, a few weeks ago I loaded me to 50mil subscribers by mistake, and thanks to them I could recover them.

What could improve InfusionSoft

* Your editor of campaigns; They launched a new one, Drag and Drop, which still has bugs. They should improve it because it is an expensive tool that should have the best editor.
* The look and feel of your platform is not the best in some sections.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are using InfusionSoft you must have plugins and expensive tools that are integrated. For example, if you want to use Zapier with InfusionSoft and other tools you will need the premium version. If you want a membership plugin the best is more expensive.

The basic plan of InfusionSoft costs 199 dollars, and remember that you also have to pay a Kickstart pack to configure everything. The latter is mandatory.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is Email Marketing platform that I have used for two years and a half with my business and customers. To this day I still think that it is the best tool to manage Email Marketing campaigns because it includes all the features you need to capture leads and manage them from your free version

The best Benchmark email

* It has a free version with auto responders (ideal to offer lead magnets or create funnels.
* It has a terrific campaigns editor allowing you to create very handsome newsletters.
* It has very good analytical.
* You have a mailbox Verifier to increase the open rate.
* It offers you one of the best a/b tests I've seen in campaigns.

What could improve Benchmark Email

* Integrations with major catchment plugins. For use with these tools, you must use the HTML code that they offer.

Benchmark Email offers a free plan up to 2mil subscribers, then you pay according to the size of your list.


MailChimp is the best known platform at the international level of Email Marketing and is also very good. I started using this tool but their prices were actually higher and had limitations of functionality if you not optabas by good plans.

The best of Mailchimp

* How well it works the platform
* Your post editor is very good although I prefer that of Benchmark because it has more things to customize
* The delivery of your campaigns
* His method so that only amounts good leads
*It includes automation in payment plans

What could improve Mailchimp

* Charge you for subscribers only and not total.


I will always recommend Mailrelay because it is the platform that best opening offers me. I've tried a lot, but none work as well as this. In addition his team always is trying to improve the platform and get good tools integrations.

The best of Mailrelay

* The delivery of your mail
* The support they offer to customers
* The plan of bloggers who have is unique

What could improve Mailrelay

* The look and feel of the platform, although a few months ago started to make changes very cool
* Your editor to create campaigns, which is maintained with one basic

Mailrelay offers free use of its tool with 15mil subscribers if you follow them on social networks. If you spend this amount you will pay according to the size of your list.

Active Campaign

If you change a normal Email Marketing platform a's Active Campaign you amazed. I freaked out, but this was short-lived me when I started to work with 3 projects. I thought that it would be the best solution however has many bugs that you can't find for example in InfusionSoft. It's normal because it's a recent platform, if you are new to automation and you have few subscribers will work you luxury. In my case I have more than 100mil contacts I would pay so much more than what you pay in InfusionSoft.

The best of Active Campaign

* The price for customers with few subscribers
* The registration of all actions by customers

What could improve Active Campaign

* The delay having to send emails (do not leave immediately, sometimes takes minutes)
* The post editor bugs
* That it does not have the option to email a date specifically within an Automation

AC plans from $9 to 500 subscribers and with restricted functionality.


Acumbamail was the second platform that I tried years ago, is a few Spanish and support is unmatched. In addition the platform has evolved a lot and works very well.

The best of AcumbaMail

* Your text editor
* The opening of their campaigns

What could improve AcumbaMail

* Integrations with plugins

Acumbamail offers a free plan with 2mil subscribers and then pay based on the number of users or shipments.

List of little-known tools but very necessary for entrepreneurs

The work schedule of an entrepreneur is 24 hours a day and that most entrepreneurs performed exhaustive searches of the best productivity tools to grow your business, organize and to be able to expedite its work and thus be more efficient with your time.

Many times we spend enough time in search and try different tools to see what where we best fit according to our work and budget. There are many tools of productivity free, but sometimes worth it penalty invest a small subscription monthly and devote our time to it really important and not wasting our time (that to your time is money) in do tasks daily that us carry it half of the day, what us makes less productive.
At the speed that is Internet and technology, thus also will develop new solutions that facilitate us every day. We become accustomed to using only Excel (for example we all know) and ourselves we limit the possibility of learning tools are often fast, useful and often impressive and visually most beautiful results.

ACA les bring a list of tools really useful to improve our productivity and that the result of our tasks not only is better, if not that is make of way more efficient and productive:

It is becoming more well known, but I realize that there are still many people who don't know it, so included it. It is ideal to unify communications working groups and companies that have teams all over the world (or not) and it is super simple to use. It's amazing to see how some companies today use their Skype Messenger or Gmail so all equipment is connected and communicating, mixing the personal with the professional, using tools that do not give them even half of what you can give them Slack.
Everything communicates in slack is in the cloud (information is not lost and is recorded). You can chat, send files, photos and best of all is that you can have several open channels. I.e., in your control panel you can have a channel to your sales department, one for your Marketing Department and another for your Networking Group with whom you meet Thursday and they do not work in your office all in the same place!

So if you're self-employed or company, delivering content of value to others has many advantages. If you want to create and deliver your own courses live online, webinar, or hybrid courses (live video+sesiones), you'll love ClassOnLive. Unlike Hangouts or gotowebinar giving you just the video conferencing platform, ClassOnLive gives you everything you need to avoid having to deal with plugins or with various tools at the same time it includes you all in a single web: the landing page of your course, automated reminder emails, forms registry, platform and payment management , etc.
It also has a Marketplace where you can publish your courses and access to its community, which serves as additional channel of promotion. It is very simple, easy and flexible to use. You only have to worry about creating your content and deliver it. Also in ClassOnLive you can create your own Academy with your logo and just customize your environment with a few click, without technical knowledge.

Have you ever you spent being worked and forget your mobile phone in another room for a couple of hours, and the return and have 100 messages, WhatsApp and 2 missed calls? Or ever has been that you are working on your computer and you have to go, so you send an email to yourself with the link or the file that you are working for then open with your smartphone? The integrations between computers and mobile often leave much to be desired and pushbullet help solve this, without having google drive or dropbox or anything in the cloud.

Pushbullet allows you to copy and paste between devices (especially between your computer and mobile/tablet): transfer files, receive notifications in a way so simple that it almost does not need many explanations operation. Imagine writing something in your ipad and it copies and paste in your Android, simple and mostly invisible to the user, is as have an a copy / paste universal.
Pushbullet notifies you of things like incoming calls or SMS messages or whatsapp, which you can see and discard from your computer and which are deleted on the mobile. Although it has features of payment that are very well, the part that provides free will also help you to be more productive.

If you've used Canva to create infographics, it will be very easy to use and you will also provide much more. It is a tool that allows you to not only make computer graphics if not posters, magazines, presentations, documents, thematic maps and a wide range of digital resources in an interactive way.
Genial.LY offers predesigned templates which you only have to modify the information that you want. Also allows you to add images, texts, audios of SoundCloud and Spotify, Youtube videos, photos from flickr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to your creations and has thousands of options for design and animation of the elements that are included in the work. An example of the possibilities of is to just put the cursor over the body human can see as it teaches us the circulatory, nervous system, etc..
In the market there are many alternatives to create digital resources, but unlike these, your digital resources on are enriched with dynamism, interactivity, and external content. They have a Freemium model with free basic features that are often sufficient for small projects.

It is a Marketplace where you can find templates for presentations, web pages, pictures, magazines, business cards and much more... ready to use. All the material has been created by designers who then put it on sale. Creative Market is like having a designer template J there are designs for all tastes, but in general everything is done with very good taste and quality.
I use it a lot for when I have to do presentations. I don't well design for what I personally love the ability to enter a Creative Market, find a presentation that I like and then just add the content. Before it took hours to make them and now I use one of their templates and now do not care about design. In the case of the presentations you find them for keynote or PowerPoint.
Creative Market is paid, but the truth is that it is worth paying a little, but the amount of time you save is impressive. In addition every week send you free designs that you can download.
creative market

We assume that we have high-speed Internet everywhere, but the truth is that it is not so. Still in the Centre of Madrid, there are places that do not reach 5 megs speed mother! It seems lie with times that are still not having optical fiber in around Madrid.
When we need something quickly, download upload to cloud a document urgently, receive or impart a course online or simply see Yomvi or Netflix without fails us, the speed we have available at this time is essential.
Speedtest is a simple tool that with one click you can know the Internet speed you have at that time (both ascent and descent), and it is very useful for those who are interested to discover that so connected they really are. It is a free service that you can use anywhere in the world for those who are curious about the performance of your connection to the Internet. Available for any device, it is very useful if you want to know the speed by country, in very specific places or mismamente at home to know if really you get for what you pay with your Internet provider

Since I discovered Momentum, the truth is that it is a pleasure to open a new tab in my browser. Now whenever I open a tab in my browser displayed a magnificent photo which covers all my screen and that refreshes me eyes, gives me the time and weather, and even the good days.
Momentum has 4 essential parts: the first, there is a photograph that is used in a fund that emphasizes calm and changes automatically every day. It is usually beautiful and spectacular landscape. The second is his inspiring phrase. A phrase that motivates you and that is changing daily. As a third element is the time and the time that updated them every time you open the browser and also gives you good morning or good afternoon as applicable. The fourth element help with your productivity. Consists of a main task that you fill daily and a list of outstanding that you can go off to measure go doing them.
All this Momentum gives it each time that you open the browser. Does not help you just to be more productive, if not that calm you and inspires you to be more creative.

We have all heard and most likely that you already we have used Google Drive and Dropbox both personally and professionally, so are no longer non-novelty to save and share files of all kinds, especially large, those who weigh much.
The primary disadvantage of these tools is that you must upload it to the cloud to be able to then share it. According to what is good, but there is a tool that simplifies it even more and is called Wetransfer.
Sometimes all we want is to send the file by email without having to upload anything to the cloud, but email is very restrictive for sending large files and often freezes up. Wetransfer is for that. Wetransfer you only have to put the email (s) recipient (s), attach the file and give the Send button and now! The person receives an email with a link to the file you need to download. You must not register which sends him nor he who receives it, everything flows smoothly. The best thing is that you can send up to 2 GB free and doesn't take up space in your files that you have in the cloud.

When someone mentions us in your web and put our link in your article, our link within this website may be considered "do follow" or "no follow". If you are "do follow" is that this web site has been generous and gives us part of his 'authority' which adds points to our page Rank. The "no follow" links are the opposite, i.e., are those in which the web that we mentioned does not give us some of their authority. If you get a link "does not follow" don't get discouraged because with just mention you are advertising you J
If you want to know quickly, simple and permanent type of links you have a web, use the NoFollowSimple extension. You will frame each link in those red dots that are "no follow" and if they are not marked that they are "do follow". It may sound all very technical, and only for companies engaged in online marketing, but the truth is that it is not. Although we are not experts in SEO, as entrepreneurs or leaders of teams it is good to have some basic knowledge to determine how it affects us advertising which are giving us on the Internet.
To mention one drawback is that whenever you see a link on a website you'll know that type is, so from now on every web page that you access will see red dots everywhere!

The moment email is not going anywhere and we will continue to work with him for a long time more. Therefore, that Mailtrack is really useful because informs you when the emails that you have sent has been read. I have worked with other similar tools and what I like about Mailtrack is that it is very simple to use. At the moment it works for Gmail and you can use it free of charge and without limitations.
The best is that it uses the same system with the "checks" whatsapp. for the verification of who has read your posts. As a "check" whatsapp is that email has reached the recipient and 2 "checks" is that you have to read it. You can also login to a control panel where you know that messages have not been read yet. Very useful to track your clients, to know who opened an email and simply decide not to answer.
track mail

Since installing this tool I can't stop for different uses. It is very simple and allows users to make screenshots of parts of a web page or web pages of complete (for very long to be!) to save them, write comments and even share them with other users or social networks.
It is very practical and easy to use. We should install the extension that will then appear on the toolbar. Having it so accessible, you'll find yourself using it for many things. You just click the icon and it will give you several options:
-If you want to make a copy of the visible part of the screen
-If you want to make a copy of the web whole
-If you want to choose you (customized) section
We choose what we want to and you're done! We can then write on the screen and save it as image. If you previously used the "print screen" button, once you pass to Awesome Screenshot will not return back.

Showbox is a tool that gives you everything you need to create your own video and results of high quality, all from your browser. The best thing of all is that it's free and fairly simple to use and its aim is to guide you through the process of editing without having to learn complicated techniques and still get a result that look professional since they provide you many resources to achieve them (pictures, gifs, etc).
Showbox is created for those who want to create a video for your social networks or your own website without much budget and without having to complicate your life much.
Showbox can come in very handy if what you want is to make creative videos but if what you want is to record a presentation from your computer there are simpler tools such as Techsmith Jing that not even 5 minutes you take to begin to record your computer screen.

Today it is nothing new that you know many tools to organize and post automatically to social networks and possibly already use one. But MeetEdgar is something different and more complete since it is the only allows you to organize your posts by theme. I.e., through MeetEdgar can organize and schedule your posts by "inspiring phrases", "what's new in your product", "third party advertising", "your market statistics" etc.. and also assign a picture to each.
Once you already have everything organized and planned, you have your created library and MeetEdgar sends it to you according to the days, hours and social networks that you've assigned to it. What is different about MeetEdgar is that as well as you post the photo with the text, you can choose every Monday send a post about inspirational phrases. Now, imagine that you have just been heavy @ and not have been able to add to your library nothing new. By means of an algorithm, MeetEdgar takes a phrase that days ago not you post library and uses it to post it.
At the beginning we can believe that posting repeated messages can be counterproductive, but quite the opposite! Experts recommend using that content that most successful have had 80% of the time once again to have the same positive impact.

It's a web site where you can create sounds easily super simple! It is completely free, original, and you don't need to sign up to start creating music simply by drawing or scrawling. No matter if you have no musical knowledge, this won't be a hindrance so that you can create your own music in this tool and then be able to record the audio on your computer file.
Just choose the note that we want to play and drawing with the mouse in the center of the page to make the note sound with the frequency and style that we indicate in the top menu. "Music" you've created starts touching and may include new notes.
It is an excellent tool for creating sounds for your web, application, presentation, podcasts or videos, as well as the possibility of creating them in a very original way. You can create from soothing sounds to create percussive sounds whether things work or simply use it to relax a while.

I don't know if many of you know it, but when you are looking for a hotel, a plane ticket or other purchase online, Web pages have to identify (through cookies) if it is your first, second or third visit to your website to compare prices, so as part of its strategy of selling more expensive prices between more visit them and do not buy.
All this artificial intelligence knows that if you enter several times looking for a Madrid-Milan ticket and the second time you realize it has the price is a bit more expensive, well, your impulse to buy is greater (of course, before that continue to rise in price).

One way to avoid this to happen is to go "incognito", without a trace. The duckduckgo search allows you to just this. Browse privately, without that we are tracking every second as does Google or Safari. While they are seekers extraordinary, when you have to go on vacation, now you know as sure that they are not changing you prices and confirm that offer good luck!

Free tools to improve your results on social networks, Seo tools

The tool fair that you hand in your work on social networks is not easy. Need to test many to find which really you served. The problem increases even more if you have a limited budget. Then, the search becomes more complicated. That is why I have proposed select you free tools that will lend a hand with the management of your social networking profiles.

Here you have all the apps that have split them into 5 categories according to the type of use to which you may need it. Many of them are quite complete and could be in several options.

Listen to of the networking social

Section designed to keep you alert on issues that have to do with your profile in social networks that you are managing well.

Tweet reach

I love the simple operation of Tweet reach. In the home directly put a term that you want to track on Twitter, connect you with your profile and have an enormous amount of information about this term, especially the Tweets which currently are talking of that term.

It has interesting reports which you can send the mail, but you must register so they give you that option. I recommend that you do not put a term very general, rather concrete because but can leave you information which you accomplish nothing.

Social mention

Better-known tool between the community managers. Socialmention a concept you put in your browser and makes you a summary of the information from websites to which are the social networks in which most spoken about it.
A point which I think is interesting of this tool is called as sentiment which makes you a differentiation of messages through categories according to the reaction of the user. It is not 100% reliable, because when you have a question you put it as 'neutral', but it can be a good reference to see negative or positive messages on this topic.


Ideal for track terms, although this time specialized in Twitter. Simplicity is one of its virtues. On Twazzup, you put a concept, you enter in your Twitter account and you'll have lots of information about something in particular.
How is it different from the others? See in real time what is happening. In addition you can shorten the search according to influencers and other categories that interest you so you need more disclosures. I recommend to narrow your search you again because but you will leave all Twitter information and you can lose much time between so much data.


If you need many references to monitor terms or profiles this is your tool. The first thing you must do in HowSociable is give you high in the free account for but does not give you the 12 metric that has. Like the other is very simple. You put the words and gives you a list of what you need on that term.
What can you serve? More information about the term in question, who talks about it, etc so you can thus already have good vision. That's what I usually do, with this tool and the other on monitoring of terms you know with tools free or freemium much useful information for your work on social networks.


One of the simplest applications from the list, but no less effective. Thanks to your browser you get the latest updates that are about a topic in different social networks, blogs, etc.

By that utility that has you can get an idea that the best option of using Addictomatic is to know what is said about a subject. I use it to for example search topics from which you want to know more about a subject that I might speak in social networks at that time and I've caught in 'out of play'.

Tools for analytics

Consider objectives and know if you are approaching is the basis of a good job in social networks. And for that you can not miss good tools to know everything.


This tool was formerly known as Socialbro. It has a free version that offers many possibilities. Audience will help you to have a good dashboard on your community both on Twitter and Instagram, right now it is in beta, but it has very good paint.
The free account you just one of the social networks. For example to know what is the best time to Twitter seems a mandatory tool because it offers you the ideal Strip and when more people in your community will see it. Highly recommended.


It was a great discovery that I made a few months ago and that sure that you love. Through Cyfe you have a dashboard that you're adding different widgets where each one of them can be from your social networking profiles to e.g. your Google Adwords account or your blog information.
Configure it has mystery, although some options in the free version you don't have. I usually it use to have a brief summary of various social networking profiles especially to know its evolution and with a glance be already clear is evolving all, according to the objectives that has raised customer.


This tool is designed to Pinterest and gives you lots of information about your activity on this social network. The free version is designed to give you data as for example new followers, the pins that you have, etc.
When I discovered ViralWoot a few months ago liked me that was specialized on Pinterest because it gives you specific data and that it is difficult to find. For a user average need more data I recommend moving to the paid version.


When you want to learn more about a hashtag because you want to see if you are having impact, then I recommend that you use this tool. In the search box on Keyhole put the concept and details you all about the term both Twitter and Instagram. If you want to save the searches then you will have to sign up for the free plan.

You have already advanced a little for what soil to use it. When I want to know if talk of a very specific term of such social networks and need to know for example who are the most influential talking about that, then Keyhole is your tool.


It is most complete tool to manage Instagram and with which you can manage your profile without much complication. Within the free version of Iconosquare there are quite a few extensions that you can serve to improve your management of your account Instagram considerably and thereby increase your number of followers.

I also recommend this tool because they send you interesting daily reports about your activity on Instagram. Also have pretty good payment plans that maybe for $14 you have more features that you need.

The profile management

Save time and manage the profiles of different social networks are the two objectives that meet these tools in this category.


The jewel in the Crown of the tools dedicated to social networking that has a free version that will come out. I use Hootsuite to monitor e.g. Twitter or Facebook. How columns of a recommendation that I give you is to put any keyword that defines your business and constantly have that updated part if you can bring something to a future client, any doubts of someone or if there is any controversy in the sector.

The free version offers almost all of the possibilities. There are extras such as add team members to the account or manage more than 3 profiles of social networks than that because you have to go to the paid version. In the event that you want to focus on a couple of profiles, it's perfect for be well aware. Instagram management is not to be big deal.


A good alternative to Hootsuite. I also usually use to manage profiles of Twitter because of a very simple way you can organize different tweets and also also usually used to carry pages of different companies.

What I like most is that Grabinbox is very simple. But it also is clear the defect. It does not offer you a lot of analytical data on interactions with publications, etc. But if you have a tool that complements this aspect, it is a good way to manage profiles that do not require much work.


This tool is one of the jewels in the Crown on my tools list free for social networks. I discovered it a few years ago and since then with the free version to manage Twitter profiles. Your organization is similar to the Hootsuite since you also add columns depending on what you want: monitor a term, your Tweets, etc.

I recommend that you use TweetDeck to manage for example your account Twitter person. Mobile app could improve a little, especially for mobile determined that going to pedal, but is one of those free tools that you have to try. A trick is to organize columns for lists and terms to have a good dashboard on such talk in the sector.


Another one of the Crown jewels in the world of social networking tools. In Buffer you can program to publish in two profiles on social networks in a very simple way and with a couple of clicks, which makes it one of the online applications that any community manager has to use it.
You will surely see him very useful to automate the updates on Twitter and if you for example have other associated account put the tweet for another hour. Thus themessage can have more impact.


Tool specialized for Twitter and with a quite interesting free version. It will help youfor example to schedule posts, view statistics about your community and make more intelligent searches with the search box on the social network.

I usually use Manageflitter to schedule multiple tweets because it has a performance so simple that in half an hour you've organized all week with more than 3 tweetsper day. Save some time and as you're changing dates will be telling you the best time to tweet.

To manage content

The content is an important part of your daily work with social networks and to offer the best of the best to have more engagement, then fundamental tools to make content cure and that throw you a hand.


It is not a tool that is in focus for social networking, but it helps to organize all yourcontent. If you don't know Dropbox, you are taking because it offers plenty of spacefree on the cloud to host files.
What can you serve? I I'm from one side to another and work with different computers I used to have hung everything what has to do with the profiles that I manage, from Excel with the latest data to the texts with the next Tweets. In addition to that if you work with clients can share a folder with all the information so you go watchingthe evolution of the campaigns.


Canva is another well-known tool, and you must include it in your day to day. The main reason is the ease with which you can make images with visual potential and very interesting elements without having to be an expert. In addition if it wasn't little isfree except for some aspects or photos of your bank of images.

It is my reference tool when it comes to edit for example Facebook ads or any pictures that you want to include some extra work. It also has templates that have savedme more than one day to update profiles of some of my clients. In short, add it to Favorites today itself.

Evernote (Chrome extension)

Other tools which were not intended to manage social networks but that will save you much time. EverNote will serve to keep notes of all types, from posts that you'rewriting in draft until ideas go looking on the Internet and then want to remember.

I use it quite as content store. If you manage multiple profiles of social networks, different themes and in addition you must be the last on the subject you must go to meet all in one site. And with the extension you have to the search engine Google Chrome with just one click Save whatever you want and point.


Update your social networking profiles every day is not easy. For that have been born tools as Buzzfeed where you have all kinds of content from diverse cultures and for all tastes. It is separated into different categories and also in the search box you find some 'gems' for example to have a day with more interaction in your community.

The soil used to have a reference on viral content that can for example be glad a community and search for more interaction.


A tool that you must also add to Favorites. Piktochart is designed so that you can make different types of graphics, animations and presentations in a professional way. In addition the freeware version offers you many options that allow you to do a good job.

It has quite a few free templates and desk to edit everything is quite simple to work. I usually use it to update time for example with information that summarizes data from the sector for example.

In search of the influencers

Watch who are those who have more influence in your industry is ideal for campaigns with them or even draw your attention.


To my like to call as the thermometer of the engagement of your brand on social networks. Its functioning is rather simple. You sign up and you're adding your profiles so that thus calculate you the index have, i.e. it gives you a score on how present are your brand among your followers.

My recommendation is to use Klout on one side to see the statistics that you commented and on the other to see aspects as important as knowing when to send a message that gives you many parameters that are very interesting to make your work more productive.


It is the competition of Klout. I discovered it recently by a recommendation from a coworker. I used it to add more data and to have a much more complete dashboard with detailed information about the same profile.

In addition you can also use it to see the impact of influencers among his followers. Kred can be a good complement to information that gives you Klout, to thus make you an idea of which are the profiles to such a campaign in collaboration with the brand.

This tool is exclusively focused on Twitter. The soil used to monitor for example accounts that have a large community, since you can configure everything so reports arrive you time on certain aspects and interactions, key words, etc. is free but has the defect that you can only use it with the social network of the bird by limiting your work much. Recommended for specific work with a client who has a special promotion with a Twitter account.


If your company is looking for influencers to promote their products or maybe you have to find relevant people within a sector, then do not hesitate to use Klear. It is a payment tool, but which has a number of features of the application that are free for you so take advantage of their potential.

Not only you can find the most influential and then try that you promote your products. Thanks to Klear interaction with some of them you can work to try to collaborate, interact or have a meeting with someone you see have powerful enough presence in the sector and in addition each tweet, post or update has much engagement.


When analyzing your profile start Followerwonk. Just put the name of your profile gives you lots of information about everything related to your activity, your community, etc. You will need a while to see all data that gives you.

I recommend that you can't miss with so much data and with each of them to see the utility that has for you. I usually use it to for example to analyze your customer accounts before starting work.

Hosteurope: Create your Web or Blog with the best Hosting for Wordpress

If you are looking for an effective solution of hosting to create or migrate your web / WordPress blog I recommend you look at Hosteurope. Especially new just released called WordPress Cloud. This new service is ideal to keep your web page or blog in a fast and secure environment if you use WordPress.

I personally I confess that years ago I switched to Hosteurope to avoid:

* Fall daily on my blog because the server not enduring traffic
* Attacks that kept me blog slow all the time
* Loss of information by not having up-to-date backups
* Saturation of the hosting with all the Wordpress that I have. All subdomains of are HostEurope.

It doesn't matter if you have a new blog, the truth is that all websites evolve in traffic and if from
the beginning you have a good infrastructure will not have problems never.

Why should you opt WordPress Cloud?

Because differences from other hosting that allow you to purchase domains and different install WordPress, at HostEurope and through WordPress Cloud service you will have an environment adapted to WordPress sites. They have studied the needs of the majority of sites to offer a complete solution. Then you share and translate that includes:

* Optimized and independent containers for WP. 

Exclusive remedies! -> This results in a safe and stable place to your WordPress site.

* Easily scalable and secure. 

Forget about malware and hacks! -> You save the constant attacks we have suffered up to install a plugin.

* Always a day,

 with updates and automatic daily backups - > do not suffer any problems.

*Support 100% specialized and free migration 

- > a support that really helps and to not give up until he gets help in your case. 24/7 support and expert in WordPress.

* Daily backups

 - > so you always have a current version of your web site

* Give you modern and updated templates to new trends in WordPress 

- > you can save up to $59.

* More than 2 million customers 

- > lots of experience in the hosting industry.

* Help you with migration 

- > This means that you won't have problems migrating from another hosting.

Currency trading online - forex News

Currency trading online

The badges are commonly known as Forex or FX, in short is the trade in coins of different countries. Every country or union of countries have their own currency. The purchase of a currency by selling another currency is made in operations.

Forex trading is the largest in the world financial market. The amount in terms of currency transactions happening daily all over the world and is a hundred times more than what runs on shares of NYSE, New York Stock Exchange.

It has been estimated that an average of operations gives a value of 1.5 billion dollars are being completed daily in the world currency market.


The foreign exchange market with its largest volume of transactions daily, offering interesting opportunities to investors.

But it also carries an inherent risk of potential loss. One must learn about Forex trading, and indeed a lot before venturing into the Forex trading.

The basics in the market of Forex is that it's two currencies of different countries. A currency is bought against and sale of another currency.

A Forex transaction is represented by two currencies as for example EURO / USD. In this sign which means that you bought the Euro with dollars.

As in the stock market, there are two types of markets as cash and term. The spot market, where the settlement is carried out immediately in practice is two working days, it reaches a higher volume of transactions.

Fundamentals of currency.

For the majority of the people there are many confused ideas about what exactly is Forex, and how you can benefit. Trying to clarify these problems is very important and you can make a start on the right foot.

What is the Forex?

In simple terms, the currency is the currency market which enables investors to come together with the common purpose of buying and selling of foreign currency.

The use of this town on the world market are able to quickly buy and sell the currency regardless of the time of day.

The market allows transactions that are large in size and which are also significantly smaller.

The big news for the majority of investors. The foreign exchange market in reality is open 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.

obtaining-ForexSe might think that this is very strange, but if we take into account that the currency is a global market where people from all over the world are coming together to buy and sell currencies it's easy to see how the market actually can operate nearly continuously without having to close.

The market is closed for a brief period of time over the weekend, however, but as soon as the first time zone changes to the Monday morning the market is open again.

Therefore, the Forex market is so popular. While the stock market is open only a few hours each week, the currency market is open almost continuously.

This allows people with a wide variety of schedules for all come together for the purpose of buying and selling of the currency.

In order to really get the best results, it is important to work at a time free to think and to some people this may be 3 a.m. and for others it might be closer to 10 a.m.

next week I will give you the second part of the obtaining of the foundations of the currency in the Forex market.

Currency converter/ Convertidor de moneda

Currency converter - Forex - Exchange rate


1. Enter the amount to convertir.
2. Select on the left side the coin representing the amount to convertir.
3. On the right, select the currency to which you want to convert the amount ingresada.
4. Press the "Convert" button.

The conversions is based in them averages of the variations offer / demand during the day of the different coins with regard to the dollar. In the case of the Colombian peso this average does not equal to the representative of the market (TRM) rate, since the TRM is the rate of change that opens and closes the dollar in the Colombian market. Also for the Euro, the value shown on the bottom corresponds to the value of opening and closing in the Colombian market and not to the average number of variations.

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How create a count of Google Adsense, earn money with internet, publishing ads in his blog

Open a new account with AdSense is easy and fast.

Google offers useful and simple to use tools.

You can register in the program at any time if your site is new or old and start to publish ads.
Below are the steps to create an account with Google AdSense to then place ads on its Web site.
The Adsense team analyzes your request, however its approval
It is not guaranteed.

Steps to create an Adsense account:

1 - Will need a Google account to register for the Adsense program.

This means that you must have an account with to use as identification, cannot enter into Google Adsense with a custom domain account. Then if you still don't have a Gmail account, it is recommended to create one for a proper Adsense account.

2 - Go to the page of Google Adsense, and complete the online application.

Click on the 'Register now' button in the upper right corner of the screen. You must
provide information about your person. You will have to give the URL for your blog (can create the free blogger blog) and mother tongue, as well as answer a few questions
related to the rules of Google AdSense program. You will also need to provide your payment information to receive the money generated with Google ads on their blogs.

3 - Wait for the answer

Once your application has been submitted, now will have to wait for the approval of the Google Adsense team. The website you shall be verified and they also verify if the site meets the eligibility criteria provided in Google Adsense TOS (terms and conditions of use). For example, the site must have content that it is suitable for families and people of different ages. The site may not have any explicit content or anything that can hurt the feelings of a community or group of people.
After your application is approved by the team of Google Adsense, you will receive an email from them about the approval. Then you can just access your Adsense account and start creating ads with different sizes and designs.

4 - Read the Google AdSense program policies

Familiarize yourself with what you can and can not do to be part of the Google AdSense program. Be sure to be prepared to get started with your new account.

5 - Sign into your account and check the listings available to you.

Google AdSense offers a variety of options for bloggers, such as text ads, ads advertising graphics and more. Take your time to investigate everything that is available to determine what will work best for your blog.

6 - Select your options of ads design

Once you have decided what advertising opportunities are the best for your blog, select them. Google offers a fragment of HTML code for after you have made your selection.

7 - Insert HTML code from Google AdSense by copying and pasting it into the template of yourblog

One of the easiest ways for a beginner blogger is doing this is through the insert the code in a text widget.
It may take a couple of hours so that they begin to view ads. Google will search your blog to determine the predominant themes of each page.

When readers visit your blog, HTML code placed in the they will activate and display relevant ads based on the content of each page

Create and sell books digital-earn money by Internet

For those that continue the search of forms for win money by Internet, after have treated several, as for example them surveys, win, money with blogs or creation of pages Web, but those methods not them have similar is adapted to their tastes or such ves is les has made difficult for to generate something of money, is possible that the creation of books electronic and have them in Internet is a way adequate for you.

But I can assure you that these forms of making money are effective and it is possible to get a safe entry of monthly money using them, the truth is we all have different tastes.

The creation of an e-book and earn money on the internet with the may be ideal for someone that likes to write or may already see a book featuring regular created in physical format or to anyone who has enough knowledge about a specific topic and want to inform others by means of a virtual book.

How you could earn money by writing a book?

First that nothing should download free Open Office software, this is very similar to Word, but it is free. Then you must convert it to the PDF format, which is the way to sell books online.

You also have the option of using the Papyruseditor platform, this is a Web service to create eBooks in PDF, ePub and Mobi format. It's free when you create a book of up to 30 pages or 5000 words. For something more extensive must pay $20.
It is really simple, even more if you know enough about a particular area.

1. the first step is to get to write about what you know.

Spend a couple of hours a day until the project to be completed. You amaze to know that for any subject always there will be people who seek to know about the, for example if you are a yoga teacher, knows a lot of diets, he is an expert in archaeology, etc., there will always be people interested in learning about you and listen to their advice.

2. the most important requirement here is to be constant.

Perseverance and patience put all their knowledge in writing. Pair those know enough about a specific topic and I would love to write a book for sale on the Internet, but he is difficult for them to write, is the option to find someone who does. Today there are many people dedicated to perform this service on the Web and do not charge too.

3. the next step will be the creation of a Web page

In which you can sell your book, although at the beginning this many people be aunque a el comienzo esto a mucha gente se lea read it becomes a bit difficult, you should know that everything is becoming more easy with practice.
First you have to buy a domain and server space of accommodation
The cost for this is minimal. Your investment will be around $ 80 and what you will receive in monthly earnings will be much more than that.

4. Finally, after having created the eBook and website

The last step is to find people who wish to promote your book to sell it, currently the most quick and simple is to enroll in ClicBank. This is a platform of affiliates in which online sellers register to search for products and sell them on the Web.

Sale of the product important tips:

• To put his book on sale through Clickbank, always offer the most Commission members which is 75%. If you offer more pay, more books will sell. Example if the product costs $80 $, $60 iran's payment to the affiliate and you will win $20.

• Never place filters that may truncate the commissions members, e.g. other options of payment (Western Uinion). Nobody wants to work hard so that remove you the commissions. That is something that many Clickbank vendors make and obviously are those who sell less. So uste does not do that. Always put in the position he is promoting his book and wonder if you stable electronic books or products that have filters of commissions on their sales pages. Of course that not lo haria.

• If you plan to put an Optin, i.e. a form so that the visitors to write their name, email, then send them emails, always the option to affiliates choose to promote his book with and without this option. This is something that can be taken to filtration of commissions never knowing that type of email will be sent to potential customers.

• Do not put the pesky Optin with Popup, those that emerge from it when you visit a page and
they want to force people to register. No one wants to be forced you to anything.
If you follow these tips everyone is going to want to promote his book electronic by the tano more
money will win since sellers with experience are set in these details before
start promoting any product. Set products that are more sold on Clickbank, vera which are those who have no filters, who pay and those who do not have those

annoying Optin and Popup on the sales pages. Obviously the content of his book has to be interesting also. If you want to learn

That amount of money is possible to win using this method?

Them income can vary and depending on that so astute is for follow them tips indicated above their earnings could fluctuate between 4000 to 5000 dollars monthly, such you see much more. Which is a salary outstanding taking into account that all work is done at the beginning. Then it becomes 100% passive income

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