50 tools free of marketing that not you can make of use

I bring you a collection of more than 50 tools that will help you heal, create and promote content to your projects.
For ease I've divided them according to categories.
I hope you like them and that really help them both as my

Cure of content tools

*Feedly - a RSS reader that will help you to know all the news about your business-

*Storify - a tool to collect content from social networks that you can then display in a single place. It is ideal for journalists or collect milestones online.

*Curate - tool to search and archive relevant content.

*Flipboard - a tool to be always up to date, you can read RSS for your favorite media or by the recommendations that you make them also. It is very format magazine.

*Pocket - tool for archiving content that you want to then read with more calm.

*Linkstant - receive alert whenever someone link your website or blog.

Tools for monitoring and analysis

If you want to analyze your presence or that of your competition the following tools recommend

*Quicksprout - with this tool you can get a basic report on your website, if you want more details you can pay.

*Google Alerts - identify your keywords and get alerts to stay up to date

*Mention - a tool that allows you to monitor keywords in social networks and the INternet.

*SharedCounter - analyzes the social share your links with this simple tool.

Topsy - advanced search of content on Twitter.

*LikeAlyzer - a tool for analyzing your fan page or that of your competition.

*Keyhole - monitoring of words, links and hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Tools to create content (design)

*Thinglink - a tool very cool to create interactive content for the Internet and social networks

*Piktochart - tool to create infographics

* - other computer graphics creation tool

*Canva and PicMonkey - tools to create attractive graphics, comes with templates so you don't have to know design to create something acceptable

*Powtoon - to create infographics videos.

Tools for management and promotion of content

*SlideShare - up presentations.

*Bitly - tool to shorten links, also allows you to customize them. A trick, if your competitors share links and want to know your stats just copy your link and adds + at the end and you'll see the numbers.

*Box, Google Drive and Dropbox - tool to store content for free (all you have GB free)

Tools to improve your positioning

*Ubersuggest - a tool that helps you generate keywords related to your brand or something.

*Yoast - a WordPress plugin that helps you to position your content.

*Keyword Tool on Youtube - ideal for getting good keywords that will help you position your video content.

Productivity tools

*EverNote - it is the tool which without a doubt if you know to use it will help you to improve your productivity, you can create, save and collect things

*OneTab - the best invention, collect you in a single tab all that you have open in Chrome, productivity at the highest level.

*Focusbooster - so you concentrate and you can finish the important things.

*TWITTERFEED - it is a very powerful tool, allows you to create recipes for automating processes = time savings

Social networking tools

*Buffer - a great tool to promote content with dates scheduled in Linkedin, G +, Twitter and Facebook.

*Hootsuite - tool to manage multiple profiles for different social networks effectively

*Tweetdeck - official tool Twitter to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

*Bloonder - to create contests on Facebook, Twitter and blogs (the first is free).

*Monitor Wildfire - to see the increase of followers of an account of Twitter, Facebook, or G +, you can even compare your brand with others.

*Rowfeeder - tool for monitoring in real - time (with Google Docs) the tweets of a hashtag or profile. It also gives you reports of results.

Blogging tools

*WordPress - leading platform for creation of blogs and websites, is without doubt the most complete

*Click to Tweet - to insert a box to promote new headlines from your posts and so you get even more coverage of your content.

Analytical tools

*Pirendo - analytical on Facebook and Twitter

*Twitter Analytics and Facebook Analytics provide insights for free.

*Google Analytics - analytical website.

*Alexa - to measure the ranking of Web pages.

*Simply Measured - a platform that offers several free social networking reports

*Social Bro - a good tool to manage and optimize Twitter profiles. It offers several features that allow you to manage communities.

*Iconosquare - instagram analytical tool.

Email marketing tools

*Acumbamail - platform for sending email marketing campaigns

*Benchmark Email - another platform also in Spanish that allows you to create email marketing campaigns

*MailChimp - most famous Email Marketing tool

*Mailrelay - email marketing tool

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