Create and sell books digital-earn money by Internet

For those that continue the search of forms for win money by Internet, after have treated several, as for example them surveys, win, money with blogs or creation of pages Web, but those methods not them have similar is adapted to their tastes or such ves is les has made difficult for to generate something of money, is possible that the creation of books electronic and have them in Internet is a way adequate for you.

But I can assure you that these forms of making money are effective and it is possible to get a safe entry of monthly money using them, the truth is we all have different tastes.

The creation of an e-book and earn money on the internet with the may be ideal for someone that likes to write or may already see a book featuring regular created in physical format or to anyone who has enough knowledge about a specific topic and want to inform others by means of a virtual book.

How you could earn money by writing a book?

First that nothing should download free Open Office software, this is very similar to Word, but it is free. Then you must convert it to the PDF format, which is the way to sell books online.

You also have the option of using the Papyruseditor platform, this is a Web service to create eBooks in PDF, ePub and Mobi format. It's free when you create a book of up to 30 pages or 5000 words. For something more extensive must pay $20.
It is really simple, even more if you know enough about a particular area.

1. the first step is to get to write about what you know.

Spend a couple of hours a day until the project to be completed. You amaze to know that for any subject always there will be people who seek to know about the, for example if you are a yoga teacher, knows a lot of diets, he is an expert in archaeology, etc., there will always be people interested in learning about you and listen to their advice.

2. the most important requirement here is to be constant.

Perseverance and patience put all their knowledge in writing. Pair those know enough about a specific topic and I would love to write a book for sale on the Internet, but he is difficult for them to write, is the option to find someone who does. Today there are many people dedicated to perform this service on the Web and do not charge too.

3. the next step will be the creation of a Web page

In which you can sell your book, although at the beginning this many people be aunque a el comienzo esto a mucha gente se lea read it becomes a bit difficult, you should know that everything is becoming more easy with practice.
First you have to buy a domain and server space of accommodation
The cost for this is minimal. Your investment will be around $ 80 and what you will receive in monthly earnings will be much more than that.

4. Finally, after having created the eBook and website

The last step is to find people who wish to promote your book to sell it, currently the most quick and simple is to enroll in ClicBank. This is a platform of affiliates in which online sellers register to search for products and sell them on the Web.

Sale of the product important tips:

• To put his book on sale through Clickbank, always offer the most Commission members which is 75%. If you offer more pay, more books will sell. Example if the product costs $80 $, $60 iran's payment to the affiliate and you will win $20.

• Never place filters that may truncate the commissions members, e.g. other options of payment (Western Uinion). Nobody wants to work hard so that remove you the commissions. That is something that many Clickbank vendors make and obviously are those who sell less. So uste does not do that. Always put in the position he is promoting his book and wonder if you stable electronic books or products that have filters of commissions on their sales pages. Of course that not lo haria.

• If you plan to put an Optin, i.e. a form so that the visitors to write their name, email, then send them emails, always the option to affiliates choose to promote his book with and without this option. This is something that can be taken to filtration of commissions never knowing that type of email will be sent to potential customers.

• Do not put the pesky Optin with Popup, those that emerge from it when you visit a page and
they want to force people to register. No one wants to be forced you to anything.
If you follow these tips everyone is going to want to promote his book electronic by the tano more
money will win since sellers with experience are set in these details before
start promoting any product. Set products that are more sold on Clickbank, vera which are those who have no filters, who pay and those who do not have those

annoying Optin and Popup on the sales pages. Obviously the content of his book has to be interesting also. If you want to learn

That amount of money is possible to win using this method?

Them income can vary and depending on that so astute is for follow them tips indicated above their earnings could fluctuate between 4000 to 5000 dollars monthly, such you see much more. Which is a salary outstanding taking into account that all work is done at the beginning. Then it becomes 100% passive income

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