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It had been months wanting to write this article in the best Email Marketing Tools. There are many emails and messages I get from blog readers or followers who ask me what is the best Email Marketing tool. 

Depending on your needs I'm recommending tools, however, today I want to share the advantages and disadvantages of each tool through this article. My opinions are personal and are not tied to any time of economic compensation or Exchange. Several tools I have worked in the past, but this article is 100% objective and transparent so that you can evaluate the best tool to create a good Email Marketing strategy.

I assess different aspects of each tool that will help you to quickly understand the differences. Choosing a tool is something personal, but I will share my impressions after using all that are listed in this article.

Email Marketing tools and automation

As well I said at the beginning, this is an opinion piece, so you want to share the best five Email Marketing Tools I use for my professional projects and which I recommend to my clients.


A few months ago I spent all my online business to InfusionSoft and since then I have seen how organic and automated form my sales have increased, and above all how the experience of my clients has improved. With InfusionSoft, I managed to have in one place a CRM tool of Email marketing and online sales tool.

The best of InfusionSoft

* It is a platform with many features
* Automations here work Deluxe (you can create the best funnel)
* The management of your customers is brutal, you can see exactly the behavior of a lead from the day which comes on your list
* The rate of delivery with emails without images is very good. I always send me test and until it does I the home does not send it
* Support is unmatched, a few weeks ago I loaded me to 50mil subscribers by mistake, and thanks to them I could recover them.

What could improve InfusionSoft

* Your editor of campaigns; They launched a new one, Drag and Drop, which still has bugs. They should improve it because it is an expensive tool that should have the best editor.
* The look and feel of your platform is not the best in some sections.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are using InfusionSoft you must have plugins and expensive tools that are integrated. For example, if you want to use Zapier with InfusionSoft and other tools you will need the premium version. If you want a membership plugin the best is more expensive.

The basic plan of InfusionSoft costs 199 dollars, and remember that you also have to pay a Kickstart pack to configure everything. The latter is mandatory.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is Email Marketing platform that I have used for two years and a half with my business and customers. To this day I still think that it is the best tool to manage Email Marketing campaigns because it includes all the features you need to capture leads and manage them from your free version

The best Benchmark email

* It has a free version with auto responders (ideal to offer lead magnets or create funnels.
* It has a terrific campaigns editor allowing you to create very handsome newsletters.
* It has very good analytical.
* You have a mailbox Verifier to increase the open rate.
* It offers you one of the best a/b tests I've seen in campaigns.

What could improve Benchmark Email

* Integrations with major catchment plugins. For use with these tools, you must use the HTML code that they offer.

Benchmark Email offers a free plan up to 2mil subscribers, then you pay according to the size of your list.


MailChimp is the best known platform at the international level of Email Marketing and is also very good. I started using this tool but their prices were actually higher and had limitations of functionality if you not optabas by good plans.

The best of Mailchimp

* How well it works the platform
* Your post editor is very good although I prefer that of Benchmark because it has more things to customize
* The delivery of your campaigns
* His method so that only amounts good leads
*It includes automation in payment plans

What could improve Mailchimp

* Charge you for subscribers only and not total.


I will always recommend Mailrelay because it is the platform that best opening offers me. I've tried a lot, but none work as well as this. In addition his team always is trying to improve the platform and get good tools integrations.

The best of Mailrelay

* The delivery of your mail
* The support they offer to customers
* The plan of bloggers who have is unique

What could improve Mailrelay

* The look and feel of the platform, although a few months ago started to make changes very cool
* Your editor to create campaigns, which is maintained with one basic

Mailrelay offers free use of its tool with 15mil subscribers if you follow them on social networks. If you spend this amount you will pay according to the size of your list.

Active Campaign

If you change a normal Email Marketing platform a's Active Campaign you amazed. I freaked out, but this was short-lived me when I started to work with 3 projects. I thought that it would be the best solution however has many bugs that you can't find for example in InfusionSoft. It's normal because it's a recent platform, if you are new to automation and you have few subscribers will work you luxury. In my case I have more than 100mil contacts I would pay so much more than what you pay in InfusionSoft.

The best of Active Campaign

* The price for customers with few subscribers
* The registration of all actions by customers

What could improve Active Campaign

* The delay having to send emails (do not leave immediately, sometimes takes minutes)
* The post editor bugs
* That it does not have the option to email a date specifically within an Automation

AC plans from $9 to 500 subscribers and with restricted functionality.


Acumbamail was the second platform that I tried years ago, is a few Spanish and support is unmatched. In addition the platform has evolved a lot and works very well.

The best of AcumbaMail

* Your text editor
* The opening of their campaigns

What could improve AcumbaMail

* Integrations with plugins

Acumbamail offers a free plan with 2mil subscribers and then pay based on the number of users or shipments.

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