Google Trips, travel with the new app from Google, for the tourist modern

Google Trips is a travel application for modern tourist

Google has launched a new application for organizing trips offering the traveler tourist planning, store and consult major search options to prepare a trip. Google to informed of the arrival of this new App. Google Trips, available for download in the shop of iOs and Android applications for free.

We talked about really a personalized Guidebook to plan your day like magic.

Google travel makes it easier than ever to plan and organize your trips.

There are many questions that travellers are made:

Do not you like what you see? Search for nearby attractions.
Do you want to know which museums are within walking distance?
Where go to eat dishes typical of the city where are?

Google Trips will show a large number of options of interesting things near and far, so you can find your next destination more quickly.

In addition, Google travel collects information of travel for Gmail and the Inbox, then organizes them automatically. In addition, the entire application is available online, so you can see your information from anywhere.

Google Trips is the culmination of more than two years of work on improving Google travel products, said Richard Holden, Vice President of product management of the company, in an interview.


It requires that you log with your Google account. (You can toggle between a personal account and working Google if you have them;.) For best results begins with the account where your flight and hotel information is delivered) once you've logged in, Google will show you a list of your upcoming validated previously.

Build personalized itineraries based insofar as time will be in the city, the most popular destinations, and everything you have highlighted or stored in a Google service previously. You can select a general itinerary, as "72 hours in Barcelona" or enter more detail in guides that focus on shops, museums, and other activities. And each guide can be edited to include other destinations you wish to visit.

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