Hosteurope: Create your Web or Blog with the best Hosting for Wordpress

If you are looking for an effective solution of hosting to create or migrate your web / WordPress blog I recommend you look at Hosteurope. Especially new just released called WordPress Cloud. This new service is ideal to keep your web page or blog in a fast and secure environment if you use WordPress.

I personally I confess that years ago I switched to Hosteurope to avoid:

* Fall daily on my blog because the server not enduring traffic
* Attacks that kept me blog slow all the time
* Loss of information by not having up-to-date backups
* Saturation of the hosting with all the Wordpress that I have. All subdomains of are HostEurope.

It doesn't matter if you have a new blog, the truth is that all websites evolve in traffic and if from
the beginning you have a good infrastructure will not have problems never.

Why should you opt WordPress Cloud?

Because differences from other hosting that allow you to purchase domains and different install WordPress, at HostEurope and through WordPress Cloud service you will have an environment adapted to WordPress sites. They have studied the needs of the majority of sites to offer a complete solution. Then you share and translate that includes:

* Optimized and independent containers for WP. 

Exclusive remedies! -> This results in a safe and stable place to your WordPress site.

* Easily scalable and secure. 

Forget about malware and hacks! -> You save the constant attacks we have suffered up to install a plugin.

* Always a day,

 with updates and automatic daily backups - > do not suffer any problems.

*Support 100% specialized and free migration 

- > a support that really helps and to not give up until he gets help in your case. 24/7 support and expert in WordPress.

* Daily backups

 - > so you always have a current version of your web site

* Give you modern and updated templates to new trends in WordPress 

- > you can save up to $59.

* More than 2 million customers 

- > lots of experience in the hosting industry.

* Help you with migration 

- > This means that you won't have problems migrating from another hosting.

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