How to make money online with youtube

YouTube is one of the Web sites better known on the Internet which people comes when you want to watch a video of something. Provided you have the proper equipment to make a film at home, if you don't have it can get one cheap anywhere, have a possibility to develop an existing business or start a new one, simply through the filming of videos and upload them to YouTube.

 How can I earn money online with YouTube?

YouTube gives you the chance to win money in two ways. One is using this platform to attract customers to an already established business and other way by registering in the program of payment for advertising.
We will start by describing as Yutube to work to attract sales for a business already existenete. If you can record short videos related to your business, always be sure to include the URL of your Web site in the same video, you can expect to receive more traffic to your Web site.
Say, for example, runs a Web site that sells all kinds of cosmetics items,
then you must show a video with people who use these cosmetics.
The key is to think visually. Not just sit in front of the camera and talk about something if you do not have to do it. Always keep this in mind when you are thinking about ideas for a video, this way you will obtain better results.

In this sense, you are not making money directly from YouTube, but it is using it as a way to make money elsewhere. This a great tool for attracting attention and channelling of people outside the site. Actually no you promotable for business directly on the site anyway, so it is best to focus on how you can get the attention of people that is you could sell their products or services. Once you find the people who are looking for the products you sell, they gladly visit your website.
Now if you don't have a traditional business but has one online, you can promote your affiliate YouTube products. By inserting the Web address of your site in the same video or also in the part of the side where it leaves the video information.
If you're promoting something that is relevant to what is selling you will get a good amount of traffic to your Web site. Videos can only be original.
The other option is very simple. You must first register in the program of payment per click, and whenever people click on the advertising displayed on your videos, you receive compensation.

This works very similarly to the AdSense program.

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