Main attractions of Forex trading

No fees.

Usually the trader is not loaded with virtually any commissions. 
Brokers through which operating charge spread, typically accounts for less than 0.1 per cent of cost per operation, in larger brokers may be even less than 0.07 per cent, of course depends on the leverage, this we will see in more detail later

Without intermediaries. 

The Forex market as we are talking about in eFXto is the "spot market" Forex, which means to trade directly with the market.
Flexible batch. The minimum contract for operation is very flexible in Forex to other markets. And you also choose the size of your operation. This allows you to participate with as small as $50 bills, even you can operate with cents! (although it is not good to operate with tiny beads, you will discover it along the course).

24-hour timetable. 

From the Sunday by the night until the afternoon of the Friday can operate to any hour of the day, even, in principle, not there is date limit for the closure of your operation.


A small sum of capital can be controlled much more trading in Forex, this is due to the high leverage available in this market. For example with a leverage 100:1, you can do an operation of 100 thousand coins with a deposit of as only thousand. But this is a double-edged weapon, use a high leverage can lead to large profits or high losses.

High liquidity. 

Being a such a huge market, liquidity offering is equally enormous. This means that under normal conditions of the market, you can buy or sell instantly.

Mini and micro trading. 

You can start to operate in Forex with mini or micro accounts that require deposits minimum small, 500 dollars or less. This makes it accessible to virtually everyone, however, to operate with appropriate risk control may be recommended one higher initial deposit, you will already understand it.

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