Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize in literature 2016

The Swedish Academy has awarded the American musician for his professional career

It is an unusual choice. For the first time in the history of the Nobel Prize for literature, the Swedish Academy has chosen a singer to
reward him with the highest award of universal. The chosen was the musician and singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, whom the institution to award the prize each year selected by poetic experiences within the American musical tradition.

The body has valued the production of albums with songs, in addition to his boldness when it comes to experience with some work, as it is the case of 'Tarántula' (1971), and a collection of his writings and drawings dating from 1973. It has valued the versatility of the artist, who has worked as a painter, actor and screenwriter with about 40 discs on the market. His work has been the subject of many critical studies, and according to the Academy has become an "icon".

Dylan strongly deserves the gold medal, diploma and the sum of money received, which this year amounts to 8 million kronor, 832.000 euros, 933,000 dollars - an amount that is shared if there is more than one winner in the same category.

The name of the North American was not the only surprise of the day. The Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, Sara Daniues, has been commissioned to announce his name, something that has become the first woman to carry out this task, as it explained the Organization through your Twitter profile.

Bob Dylan has an Oscar, the Prince of Asturias arts and Pulitzer Prize

Bob Dylan was born on May 24, 1941 in Duluth (Minnesota) at the heart of a middle-class American Jewish family. Already as a teenager, he played in several groups and became interested in music, with a special passion in the tradition of the American "folk" music. One of his idols was the most famous representative of that genre, Woody Guthrie, whom she had met in 1961 when it was installed in New York's Greenwich Village.

In 1961 Bob Johnton producer signed him to Columbia Records, and in 1962 he published his first album, Bob Dylan. His second work, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963), included Blowing in the wind, the song that gave him international fame. That was his most prolific period as a composer. 1965 is Bringing it all Back and 1966, one of his key works, Blonde on blonde, where he recorded with The Band.

At the end of the 1960s he underwent his conversion to Christianity, fundamentalist Born joined the movement again and evolved into the more spiritual music. Didn't like the changes, and his career suffered bumps since, although at the end of the 1980s he was part of a "supergroup", Traveling Wilburys, formed by George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeffe Lynne. They released two albums.

With almost 40 albums in the market study, of recent decades include Love Theft (2001), Modern Times (2006) Tempest (2012) or Fallen Angels (2016). He has also published various compilations and The Essential Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Live. 1961-2000, Columbia Records released coinciding with his 60th birthday.

Throughout his career he has received global recognition with an Oscar, the Prince of Asturias of the 2007 Arts and Pulitzer Prize in 2008, among other prestigious awards.

Once more the omens have not been met and tripped the surprise, this time in the capital. Ladbrokes betting house predicted that the main candidate for the award was the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami

a regular in the Lottery every year despite the fact that always stays at the gates of the prestigious award. The Kenyan Ngugi Wa Thiong' or occupied the second place, followed by the Jewish American Philip Roth, the Albanian Ismail Kadare and the New Yorker Joyce Carol Oates.

He award is delivered annually in eve of the Nobel of the peace but this time is has made of beg. The Swedish Academy, blame the calendar for the delay. Per Erik Wästerg, one of its 18 members, told the media: "the reason is very simple: according to the statutes, we meet four consecutive Thursdays starting the penultimate September before announcing the winner and this year has fallen unusually late." The gossip from the literary scene, however, point to other side. Critics believe that the postponement of the nomination is due to a lack of agreement among the academic members of the jury.

Last year was the writer and Belarusian journalist Svetlana Alexiévich who won the award, when the Swedish Academy selected for "their polyphonic writing," a monument to the suffering and courage in our time.

Dylan: "the new American literature today out of the radio"

They're selling postcards of the hanging,
they are painting the passports Brown,
the beauty salon is full of sailors
the circus has come to town
There comes the cecum of the municipal board,
they implemented in hypnotic state,
a hand is tied to the tightrope Walker,
the other is in his pants
and the platoon of riots are restless,
need to go somewhere,
While the Lady and I watch tonight
from the street of desolation. Cinderella seems so dissolute,
take anyone to meet him, he smiles
and it puts your hands in the back pockets
Bette Davis style.
and then comes Romeo complaining:
"I think that you belong to me"
and someone says:
"You're on the wrong site,
friend, it will be better that you largues"
and the only thing you hear
After leaving the ambulances
is Cinderella sweeping
on the street of desolation. Now the Moon is almost hidden,
the stars are starting to hide,
even the Lady guesses
He has made all their things confidential
all, except for Cain and Abel
and the Hunchback of Notre - Dame,
they are making love
or waiting for rain
and the good Samaritan is wearing,
He is preparing for the show,
It will go tonight to the Carnival
on the street of desolation. Ophelia is under the window,
for her I feel so afraid,
in his 22 birthday
is already a spinster;
for her death is totally romantic,
carries an iron vest,
his profession is their religion,
his sin is their lack of life,
and although his eyes are fixed
in the great rainbow of Noah,
spend your time looking furtively
the street of desolation. Einstein disguised as Robin Hood
with his memories in a suitcase
spent an hour ago here
with his friend the jealous monk,
and was so immaculately right
When he begged a cigarette,
then left smelling sewers
and reciting the alphabet,
wouldn't see him
but he became famous long ago
by playing the electric violin
on the street of desolation. The dirt Doctor keeps his world
in a glass of leather,
but all his sexless patients
they are trying to break it,
now his nurse, a local furcia,
It is responsible for the Lair of cyanide
and it also keeps the cards that are:
"Have mercy on his soul"
all of them are still playing penny whistles
You can hear them blow
If you get enough head
on the street of desolation. They have hung the curtains
on one side of the street, to another
are you preparing for the feast,
The Phantom of the opera
the perfect image of a priest,
they are stoking sending kisses to Casanova
to make you feel more secure,
they will then kill it with self-confidence
After poisoning him with words,
the ghost shouts to the skinny girls,
"Long from here if not understand:!"
Casanova is being punished
by going to the street of the desolation. At midnight all the agents
and the band superhuman
come out and Corral to any
that know more than what they know
then the lead to the factory
where heart attack machine
It is tied over their shoulders.
and then the kerosene
It is brought out of the castles
by insurance men who come
and control that no one is escaping to
the Desolacion.orgulloso be the Nerón Neptuno, street
the Titanic sails at dawn
everyone is crying,
"Which side are you?"
And Ezra Pound and T. S. Elliot
they fight in the command post,
While Calypso singers laugh at them
and fisherman hold flowers
between the windows of the sea,
abounding love mermaids
and no one has to think too much
on the way of the, yesterday I received your letter,
(just when the caller was broken),
When I asked how I was riding it
and if this was some kind of joke
all those people you mentioned,
Yes, I know that they are completely disabled,
I had to redo their faces
and give another name to all
right now I can't read very well
send me no more letters, no,
No, unless you send it from
the street of desolation.

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