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The 10 topics or niches better paid for blogs
When you start a blog with the intention of making money, usually ask yourself what are the issues that better pay? And it's not a secret that there are themes that they have higher levels of audience and are those that represent a major attraction for advertisers.

The rule is that as more visitors come to the blog, more likely have revenue for clicks on your sponsors ads.

Certainly an important factor in the decision of the topic to choose for your blog is your own ability and knowledge on it, since it is not the same write about sports that on entertainment or technology. So today you share some suggestions that according to the different sites of web statistics represent the themes better paid by different means of advertising.

If you have mastered any of them, you can surely develop a successful blog that generate you significant gains (source

* Contacts: 

girls/guys, social networks

* Entertainment: 

leisure, jokes and jokes

* Showbiz: 

celebrity, cinema, gossip


video games, cheats, downloads, consoles

* Music: 

News, mp3, songs, lyrics

* News: 

local and international

* Sports: 

analysis, trends and calendars

* Technology: 

Software free, gadgets

* Sex: 
themes for adults

* Employment: 
offer and demand of jobs

Recalls also that the subject itself itself does not guarantee the success of the blog, because the most important thing as always resides in the quality of the contents.

And finally, you should take into account that the popularity of the topics may vary according to the language.

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