The failures that you can commit in forex

Average people have a very simple life, because unconsciously they are happy and that they know exactly what are the problems that could be found.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with learning from the mistakes of others and with a little effort carefully in the investigation will allow you to reduce your expenses, save problems and earn money much faster.

The first mistake committed is not entering into a stop-loss order. This is a very useful tool that will allow you to quickly and easily configure a minimum to the currency you have.

Once it boils down to a level that would be willing to sell automatically. The benefit of this is that you don't even have to view in the market directly to have your sale of foreign currency at the level that you want.

This is very useful in case you do not are interested in taking a loss on your transactions. Due to the turbulence that gives the market, is very dangerous not having an order of stop loss in almost all the time.

Allowing that your you convert in the emotion, so you will cost thousands of dollars in the market of foreign exchange. Knowing that you have some problems with the emotion allows you to learn how to distance themselves without obtaining all the benefits that you need.

If you start to think you're never going to have any problem with that disasters occur your discover quickly how difficult that can be so that everything works correctly. Taking some time to practice separates himself from the situation which is extremely important.

Another error critical that is makes often is be trying to of predict what the market is going to do. This can create some serious problems, since it can often lead to an excess of confidence.

Despite everything, you have to stick to only facts instead of simply trying to guess or predict what will make the market.

If your decide try to guess that could have luck and make an assumption correct or two, but the most of them times that tries to in only an assumption that is going to lose money.

We must avoid this situation if possible and instead of focusing on getting all the information you will gather all to avoid taking a wrong decision.

In a few days but I'll give you the second part as not to make mistakes that you can make in Forex.

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