Top 10 of those countries most searched on google

Travel is one of the most incredible pleasures of life. Make a journey only or accompanied by changes your way of see them things and some more say that nourishes the soul and the spirit.
 Since ancient times human beings have us interested in discovering what lies beyond what our eyes see and every day millions of people take their backpack and embark on the adventure. At this point we decided to make a list of the 10 most visited countries in the world by 2016, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The interest arising from these 10 countries can be measured by searches which have the largest search engine, Google.
The need for information to collect information at the time of the preparation of thechosen destination makes that Google knows, of the millions of searches that analyzes, that countries are the most popular.

A Ranking that year after year is changing the socio-political situations are so changed in the world as a wonderful destination today, can be a trap for the traveller if there is any conflict, armed or dangerous diseases.
There are many options in the network to gather information and increasingly morethe structure of the websites are put at the disposal of Internet users with high-efficiency and deep content quality.
mobile media have grown and from these devices many travelers have great benefits in-situ.
An example of Apps that make possible that were previously impossible to know it if you not wondered, is now as easy as having an app that you tell us where to eat good and cheap in a short space of time.
Everything changes and everything evolves. Travel technology has been in the hands of users and just need to generate these big sites articles with information simpleand powerful.

These are the 10 countries most searched on Google with their percentages of search:

Luxembourg: 89%

Luxemburgo, oficialmente denominado Gran Ducado de Luxemburgo, es un pequeño país de Europa Central que forma parte de la Unión Europea. Se trata de un estado sin litoral, rodeado por Francia, Alemania y Bélgica

Singapore: 87%

Singapur, oficialmente República de Singapur, es un país soberano insular de Asia, formado por sesenta y tres islas, cuya forma de Gobierno es la república parlamentaria. Su territorio se divide en cinco consejos de desarrollo comunitario.

India: 85%

The India Republic of India ―oficialmente ― is a country located in South Asia. With its more than 1240 million inhabitants, is the second country in the world by population ―despues of the People's Republic of China

Mexico: 84%

Mexico, whose official name is United States Mexicans, is a country located in the southern part of North America in America. Its capital is the city of Mexico.

Japan: 80%

Japan, officially State of Japan, is a sovereign island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean; It has to the West Sea of the Japan, China, North Korea, Korea of the South and Russia

Malaysia: 79%

Malaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia consisting of thirteen States and three federal territories, with an area of 329.847 km². Its capital is Kuala Lumpur but Putrajaya is the seat of its Government.

Canada: 77%

Canada is a sovereign country of North America, whose Government is the federal parliamentary monarchy. Its territory is organized into ten provinces and three territories. Its capital is the city of Ottawa and the most populous city is Toronto.

El Salvador: with a 75%

El Salvador, officially Republic of El Salvador, is a sovereign country in Central America, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean

Colombia: 73%

Colombia, officially Republic of Colombia, is a country located in the northwestern region of South America. It consists in a unitary, democratic and social State of law whose form of Government is presidential

Australia: 71%

Australia is a sovereign country of Oceania, whose form of Government is a parliamentary federal constitutional monarchy.

10 countries with the largest number of requests for user data from Google that thisyear it seems they will bring tourism pie.

It's funny, because from our website we have made, as you know market in Spain and these do not coincide practically for nothing with previous data from Google worldwide.
A sample of more than 5,000 users who left us the result in the month of may, the question of which country looking for more information on the internet? The result was the following:

United States
United Kingdom

Also it must be said that we do not only take as Google search engine, we opened the filter to search engine that uses each of our users. This may also influence the result, but the difference is considerable.

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