WhatsApp maintains the controversial and threatens with leave without service to those users that not accept share their data with Facebook.

WhatsApp keeps the controversy with data exchange

WhatsApp threatens to quit without service users not to accept to share their data with Facebook.
The controversy is served around greater application of instant messaging in the world. WhatsApp warned a month ago that it would modify its terms of use and privacy, so that it would share data from its users with Facebook, proprietor of the service. This fact, which is not without controversy, brought many criticisms of the company due to the lack of privacy and vulnerability users faced that.

As well, so far the user could decide if I wanted to WhastApp and Facebook to share your data, deactivating one of the options that gave him the application. At the beginning everything was there, however a few days ago Whatsapp warned that those users who have not agreed to the exchange of information could be at the risk of being able not to use the service. The company has warned it through messages like "it will discontinue its use of WhatsApp".

However they have encountered the first problems to this approach. The Commissioner for the protection of data of Hamburg (Germany), yesterday issued an administrative order that prohibits "immediately" accessed Facebook and save data from users of WhatsApp and urges him to delete the information collected so far. And it is that Facebook privacy policies collide head-on against the authorities and European laws concerning data protection.

From Germany they stressed that after the purchase of the App on Facebook, publicly stressed that both companies would not trade data users. According to the Agency, "that happen now, not only confuses users and public opinion, but it violates national data protection legislation".

With this new front, it seems that the controversy is served around the ways of American companies. And it is that Facebook at any time has requested permission to WhatsApp users to use your data. Although the network social ensures not have compiled still no data on them users, the doubts already lurk to both companies.

This makes us see the importance that companies have the big data currently. However things cannot be as if you were the sheriff of the city, without having the appropriate permissions and setting aside the laws relating to the protection of user data. In addition this has caused that many of the users of WhatsApp begin to seek alternatives to the application, with focus on its main competitor, Telegram.

Of course this set of facts does not only damage the image that we have of both companies, because they have managed to create a climate of mistrust and insecurity in the user, that they hardly recover.

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