Do you want to be rich? go out to the street and begins to make it reality

Become A Millionaire

Let's go! Take the challenge! It is the time and place. You are the person adequate. Everything else is just an excuse.

1. Meet your goal. 

If your goal is to win 1 million, then write it and leaves the paper in front of you so that you can see it every day. You can not meet a target that you propose does not reach.

2. I know tough. 

Join emotionally the reasons you have for wanting to have 1 million in your account. Visualize your life when you have the million. Think of all the good that you would do with that money. Then, think what so bad you would feel if you do not consiguieras the money. Who you lastimarías more?

3. He elaborated a plan of action. 

Very few times someone find a way straight towards the million. Write at least 30 ideas to earn your first million.

4. Find the ideal point of your business. 

This involves three parties. First, know the own strengths or at least to which you can add unique value. Then, find a market, a group of people interested in what you offer. Finally, you must make sure that all these people pay for what you offer them.

5. It defines your brand. 

The brand is nothing less than a system of thought that people will have in relation to you and your business. People will want to do business with someone or a company that solve you a specific problem. You should see as the solution to that problem.

6. Create your business model. 

Your business model should be or high-fidelity or high convenience. If it is high-fidelity, you'll have fewer clients who will pay much. You will need 100 customers paying you $10,000 each to reach one million. If it is high convenience, you will have many clients that you will pay little. You will need 100,000 customers paying you $10 each to reach one million.

7. He decides to an exit strategy. 

The easiest way to make 1 million is to create a business, an asset that you can then sell. The selling price is usually double the annual turnover. That means that a business that produces $500,000 to the year you can sell for a million. That boils down to having a business that produces about $40,000 per month.

8. Get more benefits from the customers you have. 

The best way to improve your income is to sell more products and services to customers who have already conquered. Seeks ways of adding more value and offer them products exclusive.

9. Build systems and get growing. 

East the secret to achieve the acceleration of your income. If create a product that is sold to $100 and know that $50 invested in advertising produce a sale, will have a model winner to the extent that have a market large. Get to grow.

10. Hire good people. 

One of the reasons why many people have a very high income to a million business is due to having hired exceptional people. This is the reason why all the big companies are worried about both build a team spirit and handle them with leadership. The only way to have a great team is having a great leader.


* It reads. The more know, seem more possible you and you better take advantage of opportunities.

* Money cannot buy true happiness. Do not miss your friends and family by earning money.

* You are looking for a system that has demonstrated its success. The niches that more millionaires produced today are: technology, marketing, Internet, marketing, business from home, distribution of products and investments (stocks, bonds, properties, development). Except for investment in properties, the rest of the opportunities are interesting because they do not require too much money to start them.

* Not much use your credit card, because it is a form of borrowing. You try to have a debit for daily shopping card. Use your credit card only for emergencies.

* Make friends with people who share your same goals and values.

* Take it as a game. Look for opportunities to make money is supposed to be fun. Do not suffer.

* Plan. It defines what you want, acts accordingly and evaluates your progress.

* Control your expenses. You're rich if you can control what you earn from what you save.

* Okay amarrocar money, but never limit yourself in things that give you value.

* Make friends with people different from you. They can be your best source of inspiration and guide if you're open to a different perspective.


* Money does not buy happiness (but can serve you for everything else).

* Some people steal to become rich, but that option is illegal, did understand?

* Get ready to make decisions other than them who take the majority of the people to your around.

* Not presume for the money you have. Thus only attract thieves.

* Unless you're the world's richest person, there will always be someone with more money than you and there will always be people with less money than you.

* Rather than be a way to save money, there is no guarantee that you will earn money with actions. Take care when someone tell you otherwise.

* The Internet is full of traps. Do not invest money unless you are sure of its legitimacy.

* Have clear conscience and be sure not to Miss everything else important in your life, from your relationships to your family. The money is worthless without it.

* Keep your perspective. Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. In other words, do not neglect the source of your wealth, for example, good health.

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