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Become A Millionaire

1. Think make you a millionaire. 

Now that you've done, stop. It is time to start doing something to achieve this. However, read the advice that other millionaires can give is a good idea. Some appropriate books that you can read are:

* Think and get rich of Napoleón Hill (1937) and 1,000 ways to win $1,000 by f. C Minaker (1936)

* Rich Dad, poor Dad of Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter (2000)

2. Stop spending and be thrifty. 

This is a fundamental decision to become a millionaire. Either you have saved money or spend it on things. You can not balance both if you want to become a millionaire. Most of the millionaires (people who have between 1 and 10 million) live an austere and effective life in costs, without excessive costs. Among other things, you will have to do the following:

* Keep the cost of your residence below the half a million.

* Do not buy a second House: is better to rent one for the holidays.

* Do not buy a yacht: rent one if you need it. Buy quality clothing, but you don't pay for her absurd prices.

* Buy watches, accessories and jewelry that are not overly expensive.

* Collections nothing.

* Driving a car that is reliable, but not necessarily expensive.

* It avoids the luxury brands. They are the same things that you buy in half, labelled and packaged for those who want always more than what they have. You spend your millions intelligently.

* Leave of the expenditure with happiness. You will never enjoy your money if you don't change.

* We leave you compare yourself with others and try to spend as much as them.

3. Enjoy the delicate and free things in life. 

If you dream of driving down the street with a Ferrari and drink champagne with every meal, forget about be a millionaire soon. Become a millionaire means to enjoy a lifestyle less ostentatious, more simple, for example:

* Visit museums, galleries of art, nature reserves, parks, sporting events, etc.

* Share moments with friends. Volunteer within your community, participate.

* Go to the library and other public places.

* Fix garden, paint, take care of your pets, etc.

* Raise money for charity and worthy causes.

* Undertake spiritual searches and think in one greater perspective.

* Spend time with your family.

* Exercise, walks, jogging, cycling or swimming.

* Study, write, attend seminars, etc.

4. Live below your means. 

You choose or not to follow the suggestions that could help you to become a millionaire, living below your means is important to have more wealth than material things. To achieve this, it is essential to realign your focus on what really matters. What kind of achievements or awards would for your life that does not imply consume?

5. It takes into account what you do now. 

If you have a job in a relationship of dependency, the odds that you get to be millionaire are low, even if you save all the money that you receive every month. At this step you can be lucky millionaire recently at a very advanced age and not enjoy it. Look at it this way: won't make you rich, but to your boss. What do you think? This means out of your element. Are you ready?

* If you define yourself by your profession or a career in particular field, you'll hard to leave to explore possibilities of entrepreneurship. Acquired skills can be of great importance in a wider context, may stand in your quest to be millionaire. The teachers or the millionaires plumbers do not abound.

6. Get ready to enter the world of business. 

Salaried jobs are a way to difficult and slow to become a millionaire. A salaried job can make millionaires to some CEOs, but the enormous responsibility to which they are exposed discourages a little this way and not necessarily an automatic rise within the huge organizations who pay those salaries. You're ready to sit down and see how pass this opportunity or prefer to look for it?

7. See what people need, not necessarily what you would think if you had to define a business. 

When you think of business, your mind can go to glamorous opportunities. The problem is that many people have already gained those markets. However, there will always be things that people need and that also need to be well done. Things like waste management, creation of new energies, supplying products to industries, etc. may not be niches as glamorous as you wanted, but are essential and noble in its own right. And the certainty of customers should not be underestimated. People will not die for an iPod, but Yes by drinking water if you don't have access to it. Choose a business that will provide people what they really need and get ready to make the necessary effort so that your products and services are the best, unique or the best in value for money.

8. It begins with austerity. 

Doesn't make much sense considering an investment that will cost you an arm and the face if you don't have customers that you can then pay for your investment. Buy a good suit, one that you enjoy to get every morning and makes you feel safe when you meet with other people for doing business. Then we will give you some ideas to get started:

* Think of renting a shared office to use only when you need it.

* If you have your own office, furniture purchase in reates them. Put flowers and posters to embellish it before that hold. Do not you spend much in your early days, so it is best to save.

* Rent what you need to be constantly updated. Computers are the number one in this group.

* Keep your employees low and under control costs from the outset.

* Flying in economy class or use Skype or other ways to make online conferences.

* Ten ecological awareness and turn off everything that is not in use. Take care of the planet.

* It transfers this way of thinking to your life.

9. Monitor box with eagle-eye costs to start a business. 

This is an obsession that will come in useful. Every penny counts: if it is not saving or if you do not return to your business, will be in the pocket of another person.

* Do not neglect the viability of your business. Pay attention to what is not working and fix it as soon as possible.

* Do not neglect the parties more mundane but equally essential to have a business, such as sheets, invoicing, payments of taxes, etc. Spend a moment of the day to this, or hire someone to be responsible.

* It analyzes your thoughts. If your control, reduce them. Do you remember what we said of the humiliation? It is best that you humbled yourself and save your business that missed by folly.

* Manage your debts and pay them as soon as you have to do it. Will not go away, the sooner you pay them, the better.

10. Find a mentor who has done that way and seek advice. 

Surround yourself with millionaires. You can find them in various places. Even there is a private club in line where you can have a millionaire mentor who personally show you how to make money online in many areas.

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