You must always have a positive mindset

Become A Millionaire

The mentality

 1 Believes in the goal of making you a millionaire. 

This is not something that you can think in terms of possibilities. You must believe that you deserve it and you will get it. Many people do not believe truly deserve more money than win. In fact, many people believe that wealth is something bad, dirty, damned and something must not suck. However, this leaves aside the reality that money creates opportunities for you and others. With more money, you can help more people in the same way that you can help yourself. For example, you will have many more opportunities to donate money, help people who need your support, generate projects of which others can be part or generate working positions if you're an entrepreneur. None of these opportunities are prohibited reasons to want to be rich.

* Determine that do not deserve to be richer than you are is the same as underestimate you. Not continue thinking this way. You deserve the rewards for working hard and by all the thought you put in your endeavors.

* Decide what you plan to do with your new fortune. If you have no idea what will you do with your new-found freedom, most likely is it harder to have money than not. The money is not synonymous with happiness. If you already have 1 million, what will spend doing the rest of your days? Answer this question also could be the answer to how you should proceed to make your millions. Follow your passion.

* You are someone who goes around saying "I don't want to be rich" with a certain pride when you say it? Think what would you say if a distant relative with much money died and will leave you a few million. Do you still saying: "take that money elsewhere and give it to another.? Do not I want to be rich?" Be honest with yourself.

2.  You decide what is your reason to be a millionaire.

If you are still trying to manage your ignoble thoughts in relation to the pursuit of money, free yourself from them. If you don't face them, they sabotearán your ability to become a millionaire. They can undermine your faith that you can become a millionaire and have what it takes to do it and maintain that level of wealth in your life. Ask yourself:

* Why is I think that having money ignoble? Is it because I'm afraid of exposing myself in front of others and recognize that I am not afraid of making more money? Or simply do not believe in my internal value and every day I convince myself that I don't earn more money that I earn now?

* Do I like the idea of living comfortably? What part of that I would fight against the idea of more money in my life? I tie me to the idea that "nearly enough" is good enough for ever?

* Do you bother me that hard work has rewards? Whatever this is work physical or intellectual, the reality is that almost no one reaches to millions without any effort. And those who get lots of money by an inheritance or winning it at random almost always manage it bad, because they do not feel nor understand that that money took much effort to meet him. Prepare yourself to be ready when the opportunity to appear and you should make the effort.

* How much I love the idea of becoming a millionaire? You must keep you passionate or you don't stay concentrated.

* I have other stronger priorities than the return I rich? This question is really important. It is not wrong to say: "Yes, would prefer to live by the sea and painting all day". That is your decision and if it makes you happy, go after that goal. However, it is difficult to balance a similar search with the desire to become a millionaire. Don't try to juggle both. Select one or the other, and feel comfortable with this decision.

3. Do not confuse financial freedom who is millionaire with a lavish motivated only by the glamour. 

This image is the antithesis of the real millionaire. Almost all the millionaires have an austere thought, are again ready to reinvest, care for the money they have and seek ways to increase his fortune. They tend to be less wealthy than the new rich who have no vision of the future that come into all the boxes and common places to demonstrate their capabilities (known as "aspirational", people who want to be rich, acts as rich, but it is not). Following this idea, the money will disappear when there is a balance to invest or to keep generating revenue that led to the first million. Be glamorous and swanky is your decision, just behave well if you also have careful calculations of what may happen to that they protected large losses and if you keep focusing on the maintenance of your wealth.

* A millionaire does not have a mansion, a sports car, a larger wardrobe than a House, all jewelry you want, etc. These are images of glamour, but not necessarily expressions of satisfaction. In fact, if you don't think a purpose larger than that for life, those things can be distractions that you go away from what really matters.
Become a millionaire is not the answer to every problem that you can't solve internally.

 4 Get rid of the phrase "if only...

" from your vocabulary. You always stop. If only you had a fairy godmother, not you would be reading this article, so it is time to return to reality!


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