Your health should come first

Become A Millionaire

 Your health and energy 

1. You must have good health before you embark on the journey to become a millionaire. 

To earn money and make good decisions to create more, must be kept in good shape. Keep fit, eat well and take care of your body. Your health is which will provide you the power and the resources to become a millionaire. If you neglect your health and let the stress, fatigue, doubts or resentment you exceed, you will have fewer opportunities to achieve success.

 2. I know tough. 

To be successful should have the ability to get up after failing. You'll find many failures in your way while you are looking for better ways to win 1 million. It is not a matter of having the security of an average salary and your boss orders every day. To become a millionaire, you must be prepared to make decisions that will not always be successful, but if you don't take risks, not recognize their potentially good results.

* You feel good when you feel humiliated? 

No! Few people would answer Yes. However, you need to be prepared for humiliation when things go so badly that people to your smile around sneering and tell you: "I said". Remember that act in this way makes them feel good, but it is a good opportunity so that you learn from what has gone wrong. Get rid of humiliation and analyzes what has gone wrong and begins again, to be able to do well. Look like a fool is part of this, so it's better to get used.

3. It analyzes your self-confidence.

If it is low, it is time to strengthen it. (Not egocentrism) high self-esteem and self-confidence are essential to advance. However, don't let that slow you down. You can fake it until you believe it and the more you practice trust, faster become part of you.

* If you have a problem with the way in which others see you, become a millionaire you'll be spoilt. You risk your search to fit your expectations rather than forge your way to improve your odds of making you a millionaire. People will think whatever whatever you do.

* You can at least give you a reason to think somehow Take care to maintain modesty. Confidence in yourself is not to flaunt your wealth!

4. You accept that others will stand in your way. 

They will admire you and you detestarán at the same time. 

There will always be a group of people who criticize the decisions of those who decide to put foot and move forward to achieve what is truly good. Even if you enjoy secret of your money and take care not to show your wealth, people will feel that you are living better, with less worry and that will be enough to annoy them to the point of trying to slow down your progress. You must be prepared to do so, but do not take it as something personal. You develop a tough skin and a great compassionate heart. While you've thought about the reasons that you have to become a millionaire, you need to know inside what you will do to become richer adds value to the world.

* People will try to stop you for two reasons. 

If he cares about you, will be concerned that you fail and you desahucie or hurt that experience. If you're not too concerned for you, might be concerned because you show them its inability to find initiative to improve their lives and start the search. The best way to handle these fears is to not take care of them. Stay away from negativity and listen to your own reasons for your determination.

5. Uncover your sense of humor. 

You will need it. Making money requires a flexible nature and a sublime sense of the ridiculous. Do NOT let the attitude of others affect you or take the money game too seriously. Always respect the rules of the game, but you are not trapped in it so that you take yourself too seriously and you can not enjoy the adventure.


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